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  • Hello, I have admin privvies to help a friend. She has contact form 7 and contact form to DB extension.

    In Contact Form 7, there is already one form that works called contact form 1. When someone fills out the form, the data then is received and stored using the add on plug in called:

    Contact Form to DB Extension.

    So, Contact form 1 IS indeed included in the drop down menu, so that the website owner can select this form and view the submissions.

    I created a new form called Squeeze Page and made a new page. The form works, see here:

    But the form does NOT show up in the drop down menu like the other form. So as far as I know the webmaster is not receiving the information for the new form I created.

    Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking it’s just a box I’ve neglected to check, but for the life of me I can’t find it.

    Thanks so much to anyone who might be able to help.

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  • Hi

    The DB extension plugin does not replace the email that Contact Form 7 sends after each form submission, it is in addition to it.

    To test whether this is working, I suggest:
    – in Contact From7 temporarily change the email address this form’s submissions are being sent to, to your own.
    – Submit a form filled in with test data. You should receive the email in your inbox.
    – If you receive the email go to the database extensions email page and see if the test data you just submitted has appeared on that form’s list of database entries.
    – If its working you can change the email address in Contact Form 7 back to the webmaster’s email address.
    – If it isn’t you can start debugging what might be wrong.

    stvwlf, thank you for your reply! I do not have a problem with the emails. That is fine and is necessary since the website owner probably won’t check her dashboard as regularly as she does email.

    The problem is that contact form7 allowed me to make more than one form, so I did. The second form is not “rolling over” into the database for some reason. How do I make my new contact form connect to the database?

    Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!


    I understood what your problem is. My question back to you is, how do you know if the reason the second form is not appearing in the list is because no one has submitted that form yet, thus there is no data to display, or that the second form is not hooked up to use the save in database option? From what I remember every form’s submissions are saved in the database, there is no need to indicate a form is supposed to be saved.

    Thus it is likely no one has submitted a form yet. That is why I suggested you submit a form. I suggested changing the email address so the email would come to YOU so you would know with no doubt that a form has been submitted and thus should be in the database.

    I still suggest you do that.

    OH OK, I get it now! I had thought about doing that but was lazy…

    Just tried it, and the email did not work. I did not get the automated email. The other form is working, is this plug in made to support more than one form at a time? It seems as if it is made to do that, since it allowed me to do it, and there is a link on my dashboard to the new form, and the form is saved and appears to work. (obviously it’s NOT working, but appears as if it does)

    Contact Form 7 allows many forms to be created.

    That was my point, you don’t know why the submissions were not in the database. You now need to go over everything about the second form and find out why its email is not being received by you. One thing – sometimes if the email address being sent to is on the same server the sending domain is hosted on, due to hosting config those emails may not go through. If that is the case try sending to a different email address like gmail etc.

    You have to first receive the form submission before it will appear in the database…

    Well stvwlf, that makes all kinds of sense! Unfortunately I did use a gmail account to check so it can’t be the same server thing you mentioned. I’ve looked and re-looked and since I’m a novice I do not know what else to do. Anyone have suggestion as to why the form I made is not working?

    Quick recap: I made a new form with contact form7 and there is an old form in there that does work. It does send emails and it does populate the database.

    My new form does not send an email and does not populate the database, but it DOES appear and when one inputs information, a notice shows that the data has been sent successfully.

    Is there something I am doing wrong?

    I suggest you open two browser windows. Go the the Contact Form 7 admin page. In one window open the form that does work. In the other, the one that doesn’t. Compare them line by line with an eagle eye. Something as small as a misplaced comma or > can throw the form off.

    Something is configured differently or it would be working.

    I seem to recall the one that works is sending emails to a different email address than yours. What happens when you put that email address in the one that isn’t working? Does the person with that email address receive the form submission?

    How about in the lower right corner section where you configure what is included in the email that gets sent. Any typos there? Anything look funny? Remember something is not working – you may have to look very closely to find what it is.

    stvwlf, you are AWESOME! This is GREAT advice and I will do this soon. Also, makes all kinds of sense to replace the email addresses as they were and have the owners of those emails inform me if they are getting the entries I submit. Brilliant!

    HA! The database is now working, though I made NO changes so I have no idea why. It took hours for it to populate and I have yet to receive the email.

    GOT IT FIXED! Thanks so much stvwlf you were awesome!

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