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    just thought i’d let anyone interested know that plugins can be a security risk. you can read here to see a list of plugins known to be a security risk.

    before installing a plugin:

    • Are you using the latest WordPress version?
    • Do research to see whether others are not experiencing problems with that plugin
    • Only download the plugin from a legitimate source
    • Is it the latest version of the plugin?
    • Read any accompanying text file or instructions which may mention vulnerabilities, etc
    • Make sure that you install the plugin correctly and that you set it up correctly as per installation instructions

    hope this is of interest to someone.


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  • bumz714


    Thanks!!! Appreciate the link.

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    Themes can also be a security risk. Really.

    Any PHP files on your site can be a security problem. That’s why you want to make sure to not only keep WordPress up-to-date, but the plugins too.

    The Plugins page will tell you when a new version of a plugin is available. Check it every so often.



    This post is just fishing for visitors:

    (as were two-three others that were deleted, not being related to the topics where they were posted!)

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