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  • Hi,
    excuse my ignorance but could someone please point me to the documentation regarding WP 2.7’s autoupdate feature for plugins?
    I can’t get it to work and before I ask specific questions here I want to read about how I have to operate it correctly.
    Search the english and german WordPress docs, googled tried myself — all to no avail.
    Both ftp and sftp server are up and running on my Mac OS X based system and I can log into the server manually (commandline ftp & sftp).
    However, the user I use has it’s home directory and I suspect that the autoupdate features need access to (at least) the plugins directory of the WordPress installation?!
    However, you don’t have to explain here. I’m sure there’s some documentation on how to setup all this so that autoupdate works. Just point me to that doc/howto.

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