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  • kb2tfa


    I have spent many hours searching for and downloading themes and plugins for my site.

    After this, I thought it would be nice if I had found a compiled collection of themes and plugins.

    I compiled about 30megs of themes and plugins for you to download.

    If you have a clean wordpress install you can upload the directories just as they are, but back up your theme and plugin folder just to be safe.

    If you already have a collection, you and look through this collection to see if there is something you do have.

    Here is the link, enjoy

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  • whooami



    its a nice thought however here’s the the risk to those that might take you up on your offer:

    downloading plugins or themes from third party sites offers little guarantee that you havent added malicious code to any of those files, and no-one is accountable if you were to do so.

    I am not suggesting that you would do that, or have, just that there is no accountability. Were you to have one of my plugins available I would ask you to remove it, for that reason, as well.

    For that reason, I would suggest that people did not take you up on your kind offer.



    Well, my site is part of a Legal Registered Incorporation “Guilmet Inc.” Located in Philadelphia, PA.

    I can say that being a professional, there is little chance, I would alter these plugins to do harm. In fact I program with VB and use the WordPress as my website. I don’t know the first thing about writing php or plugins.

    but do as you will.



    It would be better if it was added to the wordpress dirtectory, ya know? That way more people would find it too.




    By wordpress directory, do you mean at because their sticky says don’t post these there because folks don’t have plugin access.

    you have a nice site by the way.





    You have to understand there is nothing personal in what was posted above. We don’t know you (you are a member of this forum for 2 days). We cannot have any idea who is behind your blog/site: a nice fellow trying to help others or a hacker trying to lure people to download something harmful.

    As for the “project” itself:
    I don’t think anybody should install 40-50-100 themes on their site. Furthermore, my collection of the 100 themes out of the thousand existing themes will and should be totally different.
    Same with the plugins. Everybody should have their own set – tailored to their own needs. I don’t think I’ve ever installed the same set of plugins on two blogs (and I did install quite a lot).




    You have to understand, I didn’t take it personal. I am merely expressing that I am a professional, and not some hack.

    I have many, many themes on my site because, it’s the only way I can get a feel for what I want to use. Many themes, I have found are still to this day browser dependant, so instead of messing with one theme at a time to find I don’t like it, I upload many and then sit down to find what I like.

    So there is a reason to do this. As for plugins, the same goes.

    Please don’t “flare” this topic up more than it has to be. I simply did a good deed. If nobody can appreciate it then please do the follow things:

    1. delete my post to protect the community and
    2. please stop non-productive chatter, this post has gone on far more than I care to have wasted my time reading and writing.

    This is all I have to say on the issue.

    Ron Guilmet

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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