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  1. paul3eb
    Posted 7 years ago #

    and i'm stuck. i'm calling this function in an admin subpanel:

    //gets the ipn info and alerts
    function getIPN(id)
                    , { ipn_id: ""+id+"" }
                    , function(data)
                    , "text"

    i've called it both in <a href="javascript:getIPN(22)".. and <a href="#" onclick="getIPN(22)"..

    firefox 2 and 3 have a fine time handling it.. i think safari and chrome are fine with it.. yet, ie6 bites the big one. any thoughts? i've also tried jquery.ajax, $.post (prefacing it appropriately to recognize the $). doesn't matter.. ie6 doesn't like it.

    i'm stuck and going to kick something.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks.

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