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  • Hi,
    we use your plugin on a customers website. After testing the PageSpeed with Lighthouse we see that the plugin is one of our main problems. If we run the tool with Hubspot activated, we got a mobile score between 48-52 points. If we run it without Hubspot we got 88 points.

    If we look at the developer tools we must see that the javascript has a execution time between 2.3 and 2.4 seconds. It also loads the image for the lead in modal multiple times.

    We see also that the plugin did a lot of unnecessary dns lookups.

    If you need we can send you the export of our audit to check the performance issues of the plugin.

    We look forward how to a fixed version or some informations how we can fix the bad javascript performance and the slow connection to your rest services.


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  • Plugin Support David Ly Khim


    Hi @ypreiss thanks for leaving feedback about this. This is something we have been investigating. To be transparent, each script is owned by a different team and we are figuring out the best way to address these issues. Will you please share the export of your audit with us? dkhim[at]hubspot[dot]com.

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