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  • dallasm


    Since upgrading to 3.1 (and upgrading some plugins) my plugin page is empty) I can’t delete or deactive them to troubleshoot
    I’ve tried disabling some through cpanel by deleting them or moving them to a plugins/spare_plugins folder
    The ones I’ve tried because I thought they could be part of the problem (because they are powerful and I have used them in the 24 hours prior to the problem) are:
    YD network plugin managment
    Multi-site tags (this was broken with new version upgrade, now mostly fixed)
    Plugin management plugin.
    These don’t seem to have helped at all.

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  • @mercime




    Went to cPanel, renamed Plugins folder to Plugins1, Created new plugins folder.
    Tested function by adding a new plugin (this worked fine and appeared on list)
    then copied plugins in folders in batches of 4-5 from plugins1 to plugins in cpanel, and went to plugins page to test functionality.
    In the end htey all copied across OK, so now I am activating them one by one to see what is causing the problem.

    Still no sitewide tag function, but I’ve heard there is a problem with that so I’m not so worried, just glad to have my plugins back!



    Glad to know you’ve got your plugins back. Thanks for posting your solution here for others to implement in case the same thing happens to them.


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