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    What I’m proposing is simple, in the area you go to search and add new plugins to your site. When you do a search, then a list of plugins show up. Those plugins need to show from the start both on the list and in the Details section if they’re “Free” or “Commercial”. Too many times we have to install them, activate them, then give them our email and other information before we find that they charge a fee for a type of service that was not explained either in the “List” itself or in their “Details”.

    This recently happened and the Plugin Co-Founder emailed me as to he was happy to see my joining his service. I responded not at your cost of operation as I’m a small freelance business too which cannot afford your cost of operation. His only response to me was “It’s on our website”. That is not good enough, the Plugins section within our site it should be mandatory to show if you’re charging. This would at least prompt the person or persons considering this plugin to delve deeper into their “Website” and see if it is REALLY what they want to do.

    Look at Joomla’s Extension section of their website, it is listed if it’s Commercial or not. It needs to be that way here. When I click on “Details” I expect everything of importance to be presented there. That is why you click on the link to begin with. You’re wanting to find out rather or not you want to give this particular plugin a try. Not to find out after you’ve given out all this information only to then be told there is a fee and sometimes those fees are bit high.

    There are a lot of developers out there that are focusing on BIG Corporation Business, that’s fine. I’d like to know before I sign up for anything what it’s going to cost. I do not like giving out all my info to later be used by them to email me, spam me with all their offers and the rest of the junk that comes with it. Then tell me “Well it’s on our website” is just ridiculous in a response.

    The first place we go is not a website, it’s our back-end Admin section for searching Plugins for our WordPress Site. We don’t Google this, we do it right from our own site. So to expect everyone to go seek out each Plugin Dev’s website is silly when you have all this information right there within your site without having to leave to another site just to find out what could have been seen right there.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I do choose to use a plugin, I will go to their site. Because I want to find out who I have to contact should I need any sort of help or support. I don’t mind paying for services and such when I feel it’s worth it to me, not them. Basically I hate hidden surprises, I want it up front.

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  • There are no WPORG commercial plugins. All of the plugins in http://wordpress.org/plugins/ should be free, uncrippled and should not require email addresses for activation. The only exceptions might be SAAS plugins that allow you to use a 3rd party service. This 3rd party service might require sign up details.

    If you come across plugins that aren’t SAAS but do require a fee or a sign up process, then please feel free to contact plugins [at] wordperss.org with all of the relevant details and we will investigate them.

    There may not be any that WPORG puts out, but there are several that do from devs all over. You’re not looking too hard if you’re missing them. The two I just tried were for making your site into a mobile site. They both turned out to be fee based with a free option, that you didn’t find out till AFTER you sign up on THEIR website and give them all your information. Please refrain from calling someone out for being untruthful till you investigate then. Because I’ve never been a liar in my life about anything. I know what I did, I know exactly what they were asking of me. Now if you wish me to send you in private the exact two plugins I tried as to avoid any kind of silliness here on the forums, I’d be more than happy to.

    To download and install them is free, what they offered at that point was pretty much not worth messing with unless you paid their fee. Now one of them has a REASONABLE fee, per month, while the other was pretty high. Like I said, I’m not against this just wish to know it up front is all. When I click on “Details” it should be stated there. No one should be required to click on a Dev’s website to find this kind of info out when they have the ability and place to post that information right there in WP.


    there are several that do from devs all over

    Then please contact plugins [at] wordpress.org with all of the relevant details.

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