• After noticing that the Ideas-Section isnt very usefull to make people aware of neccessary changes I post them here again…

    First of all:

    Force the Plugin-Developers to write release notes and (damn…) show them, when i click on my Plugins-Page on the “Latest Version” link..
    Usualy i got just the information what the Plugin is doing.. Thank, but i allready know what my Plugins are doing.

    I want a propper Changelog on my Backends Plugins page.

    Another thing:

    No Plugin is perfect so i need to do some changes by my self.
    After discovering that i dont need a newer version of an updateable plugin…

    I’d like to SKIP plugin releases

    Instead of bothering me with this little red dot and its number in it…

    I dont know, but am I the only one who thinks about thinks like this? I mean its kind of fundamental…


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