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  • Hello,

    First off, this plugin is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve already made a couple of tweaks, limiting the output to show Topic Title(Number of Posts), I don’t really need the rest. But there are still a couple of things that I’d like to be able to do.

    First, I have my forums divided up into topics, and as they grow I’m sure I’ll be adding more categories, subcategories and forums. Also, I display the recent activity by category on the front page. I would really like I to reverse the exclusion field to be an inclusion field so that every time I add a category, subcategory or forum, I don’t have to go to each of the category item for the php_topics_portal and add the new item as an exclusion. It would be much easier to go to the one php_topics_portal item that should be counting posts for the new item and add it as an inclusion, if you see what I mean. And chance someone might be able to point me to the spot in the code where I could tweak to get this change in behavior?

    Second, and I’ll admit that this is a little off topic, I want to be able to put a link at the end of each post on the blog to link to the appropriate forum topic for discussing the post. The link itself isn’t too hard, but I’d love to be able to include the (Number of Posts) display after the link, in the same fashion as the php_topics_portal does. I’ve tried looking for information about how to pull that over, but haven’t been able to find what I need. I thought that, given the fact that this plugin does it, or at least something very similar, maybe this information could be gleaned here, as well.

    Thanks for any help available…

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