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  • I’m trying to get a decent looking slideshow put together on my site using nextgen as the base with something over the top to give it some extra functionality, here’s what I’m after:

  • thumbs (if they can be hidden or turned on/off even better)
  • icons for next and previous image
  • slideshow (that you can start stop on the fly)
  • use the nextgen images
  • an info area that takes HTML markup
  • I’ve been playing with the normal next gen slideshow, but it’s missing the thumbs and anything but random next images. I’ve been playing with simple viewer (both it’s direct plugin and the nextgen version) as well as the galleryview plugin I found on the nextgen site.

    Galleryview is actually working pretty well, the main issue is just that the second >> button (for the next image) is MASSIVE and in the wrong place… The documentation says themes might need some editing, but I’m wondering if anyone can give me some more direction with that? What exactly will I be editing? Also, is there any way to get a slideshow working with this? If I could fix the next arrow I’d be happy, and if I could add a slideshow option I’d be thrilled!

    here’s my examples:
    normal nextgen slideshow:
    simpleviewer direct plugin:

    I also tried the smoothgallery plugin but there’s MASSIVE slowdown on the site when I use it for whatever reason.

    Ben Jacobsen

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  • Did you ever resolve this problem? I am having the same problem. Would appreciate any help.


    so far I’m just using nextgen’s slideshow…

    I’m playing around with gallerview because it does not use flash so it can be viewed on an iphone, but for your purposes the flash might be best to copyright photos. Check out the flash plugin for nextgen simpleviewer at shabu shabu web design here:

    ^ copyright doesn’t bother me, anyone can printscreen anything I put up anyway, so it’s really just that I assume if people want anything I put online bad enough they’ll take it. Thanks for the headsup!

    David Sharpe


    Did anyone ever resolve the issue with the massive next button using the galleryview plugin?

    Galleryview is the exact display style I’m looking for but I’m not interested in anything Flash based. I’d really like the images to display on an iPhone too.

    Has anyone found anything similar?



    I am also having the issue with the next button being very big and out of place.

    Another problem that I am having is that when the number of photos is big, the thumbnails are shown across the entire width of the page and each thumbnail is shown twice. 9 seems to be the number here.

    I also read that version 3.0 of Galleryview plugin is being tested by its developer.


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