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  • Hi All,

    I am experiencing an issue with the Custom Contact Form Plugin. It has been working successfully up until now and have been very happy with it, however my Form Submissions are not coming through to my emails anymore. I have the default WordPress setting selected for my emails in the General settings and like I said previous, this was working up until about a week ago. I have not made any changes to the plugin itself to my knowledge hence my confusion as to why this is not now sending. The Form Submissions are being saved in my back office though which is good for the time being.

    Note I have the same contact form with the exact same settings setup on 2 other websites and these are performing perfectly. All 3 websites are hosted on

    I have redirected one of these contact forms to the desired email address and they work, so it appears to not be an email problem. I have changed the problematic contact form to another email address and this has not resolved the issue.

    I have tried setting up the alternate SMTP email setting and this has not fixed it.

    Lastly I have tried deactivating and re-installing the plugin however this also has not fixed the issue and whenever I re-install the plugin, my previous settings and Saved Form Submissions are still there, so I cannot even seem to be able to completely reset the Plugin and start from the beginning with default settings.

    Any assistance would be great please as I do not seem to be making any headway.



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