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    I have a WP theme that doesn’t support excerpts (its name is pixel) and I use it on some of my affiliate blogs.

    I would like to introduce excerpts into all my blogs, but the pixel theme doesn’t natively support excerpts. So I tried to somehow manually force excerpts with plugins.

    In a nutshell, I would like to have the first 500-700 characters of every post on the main (home) page, and also to include one or two images from that post (say, the first and fifth image; there are usually 10 or more). I would also like to keep the original URL to which those images link so that the images that appear on the excerpts retain their original URL.

    I managed to force the textual excerpt with the help of the plugin called “Auto Excerpt Anywhere” by Serena Villa. It doesn’t keep the formatting but it’s OK.

    But with the images I had less luck. I finally found the plugin called “Simple Image Grabber” by C. Bavota. It can extract any image from the original post, resize it, link it to the full post… but there is no way to retain the original URL of the image. For instance:

    this is the full post:

    take a look at that post on the home page (2nd one):

    the featured image (something that looks like Saturn) is linked to the full post. Instead of this, I would like to have the original URL of this image in the excerpt, which means:

    (that is actually a jump script which sends the surfer to this URL:

    I asked the author of Simple Image Grabber if it were possible to retain the original image URL, but he said that that would probably require more programming or a different approach.

    Does anyone know of a plugin or some php code which could extract any image from the post and retain its original URL so that I can post it in the excerpt?


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