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  • Hi, everyone!

    I want to create a plugin or function that checks the current theme’s author name. If it doesn’t match a string of text, it will display an error message on the admin panel saying that it needs to be changed.

    Here is the code I have so far (not much at all, as I was originally writing this as a function in the theme’s folder, until I realized that folder would get over-written when the theme updated).

    add_action( 'admin_notices', 'custom_error_notice' );
    function custom_error_notice(){
         global $current_screen;
    if (!empty($_COOKIE["wptheme" . COOKIEHASH]))
    $theme_name = $_COOKIE["wptheme" . COOKIEHASH];
    $theme_name = get_current_theme();
    $theme = get_theme("$theme_name"); 
         if ( $current_screen->parent_base == 'themes' )
              echo "<div class'error'><p>$theme['Author']</p></div>";

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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