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  • Hi, I’ve installed Co-Authors Plus v2.1.1. It looks brilliant but I’ve come across a very odd bug: it works with all of my users but one. The odd one out is actually a normal ‘editor’ in the system, and he doesn’t seem to have any particular settings.
    When I add him and I save the page, it just lose him.
    How can I debug this?


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  • Amaidi – please note I deleted your comment on another thread about this same subject – best to keep your question here. I did add the co-authors-plus tag to this thread so the plugin author will see this listed under his/her plugin.

    Amaidi: does the user’s login and display name have any special characters in them?

    No, just plain English characters. I also tried to change his nickname, first name, last name, etc, but no luck so far.
    I’d like to help you debug the plugin, how can I do this?


    I also tried to delete the user and create it from scratch with the same name (plain char only) and it doesn’t work. It works as a single author, but as soon as I add some co-authors it disappears.

    I can’t think of any causes, the user looks perfectly normal to me.

    I installed Co-Authors and it works perfectly… I think for the moment I can make do!
    Thanks anyway

    Does not work in 2.8.6 WPMU.

    Using English.

    Cannot delete. Changing name works but when I click someone else, e.g. second name or save, the change is lost. Will not all second author.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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