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  • That day a hacker deleted 70 of my posts and then I asked my host to restore my site from their last backups and they did it.
    Then when I entered into my dashboard and found some deadly issues. Some plugins is asking me to go to in it’s setting and then re-save it’s setting. But after saving their settings they cannot save that data! they again asking me to do that and again I do that and click on save button. And again asking me to do that. This plugins seems that they cannot save it’s own data!

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  • Can you publish any new posts?

    Yes I am able to publish new posts.

    Have you tried repairing your database? If there is an database issue (and it does sound like one), it would seem to be specific to the wp_options table.

    Yes Esmi I was also thinking about that. But how can I repair my corrupted wordpress tables? Even my “users” page has another issue. The header tels that I have 70 users registered. But in the list field the message shows “no users found”! Even my own profile is not also seen there even in administrator tab! Can you help me dear?

    You could use a program like dbtools manager & see if you can fix the problem. I had to use it to delete a field the other day…Deleting the one field that was corrupt got everything to working. Hope this helps.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    I would try the following:

    1) Deactivate ALL Plugins
    2) Export your data (Dashboard -> Tools -> Export -> “All Content”)
    3) Save a backup of your wp-config.php file
    4) Save a backup of your wp-content directory (Themes, Plugins, Uploads)
    5) Delete your WordPress installation entirely
    6) Delete your Database entirely
    7) Re-install WordPress (making use of the content of your backed-up wp-config.php file, as needed)
    8) Import your exported content
    9) Copy your backed-up wp-content directory to your fresh WordPress install.
    10) Configure your settings, Theme, and Plugins

    This method will probably be more likely to resolve whatever database issues you’re having, although it will involve a bit more work. It might also be helpful in ensuring that anything left behind by your hacker is fully removed.

    Many many thanks Chip Bennett for taking some times to assist me. I’ll definitely try it. But is there any possibility of loosing any thing? Or after your process, is there any possibility of conflicting “wordpress attachment IDs”? Because attachment ID are assigned with uploaded contents when we upload a content using “media library” or while witing posts. But after my fresh install, how it will assign ‘attachment id’ with uploaded images, videos of wp-content folder?

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    The exported data file (an XML file with a .wxr extension) will include the post-attachment associations.

    If you’re worried about losing data, do a test import on a local WordPress install (or on a test install on your server), and make sure everything imports properly.

    Alternately, you could – if you can get it to work, given your current database issues – try one of the several Backup Plugins.

    As for the risk of losing data: that always exists.

    Okey Dear Thanks. I will try.

    Yeah it’s working. I got my wordpress blog back. Thanks Chip Bennett. I will never forget you.

    Can you or anyone help me with the issue here?

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