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  • The Announcer plugin (v2.0) adds the announcement HTML code in the <channel> of RSS feeds (and probably also ATOM feeds). But <div> elements and other HTML elements are (by default) not allowed at this place in news feeds. That is why the plugin makes the feeds invalid and unreadable for some feed reader software.

    But this problem can be fixed. Edit the line 164 of the announcer.php as follows.

    ## Main output
    if ($announcer_status == "1" && announcer_compare_dates()){


    ## Main output
    if ($announcer_status == "1" && announcer_compare_dates() && FALSE === is_feed()){

    FALSE === is_feed() makes sure that the announcement is added to all WP output but the feeds. (“If it is not a feed (and the other conditions are met) the display the announcement”)

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