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  • pluggyboy


    i rarely give up with a plugin but after a couple of hours of trying to work out what’s going in… i give up.

    No useful info anywhere to be found on how to configure the shortcode for the non-php-conversant, no information on what the default settings are for the clock, and THE MOST CONFUSING plugin website i’ve ever visited. Once i eventually worked out how to do the shortcodes (pasted below in case anyone else needs them, i had to chop and edit them from the php file), the ‘width’ parameter failed to work for me.

    I’m sure once you get it working it’s awfully good, but without usable documentation…. life’s too short. Ironic for a clock plugin!

    autoplay=’0′ ,hour_cycle=’12’ , hour_color=’ebf900′ ,hour_alpha=’100′ , hour_type=’2′ , hour_width=’300′ , hour_length=’60’ , minute_color=’000000′ , minute_alpha=’100′ , minute_type => ‘2’ , minute_length=’300′ , minute_width=’80’ , second_color=’CC0000′ , second_alpha=’100′ , second_type=’2′ , second_length=’300′ , second_width=’12.5′ , mark_a_number=’4′ , mark_a_color=’000000′ , mark_a_alpha= ‘100’ , mark_a_length=’20’ , mark_a_width=’4′ , mark_b_number=’12’ , mark_b_alpha=’100′ , mark_b_color=’000000′ , mark_b_length=’10’ , mark_b_width=’2′ , outline_color=’000000′ , outline_alpha= ‘100’ , outline_width=’1′ , sphere_color=’FFFFFF’ , sphere_alpha=’300′, width=”300″ height=”100″

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