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    In IAS Research team ( all members publish
    their papers in a zotero group
    Then, using zotpress each wants to show his/her bibliography, but since
    filtering for a specific author must be done in zotpress part, and there
    are more than 100 entries, only some appear.

    For example, Xabier E. Barandiaran has published more than 10 papers, but
    with zotpress only 1 appears:

    Used shortcode:

    [zotpress nickname=”GroupZot” collection=”2TXSQRCW”
    author=”Xabier+E.+Barandiaran” content=”bib” sortby=”date” sort=”desc”
    title=”yes” downloadable=”yes”]

    I browsed the code and saw that only one request is made for entries,
    so if there are more than 50 (default limit) many are lost.

    The limit should affect total shown entries, not queried ones, so this
    behaviour is unexpected. Also, as only 99 entries can be queried, there is
    no way to display all Xabier’s entries.

    I have a patch to fix this. Currently adds a new “start” parameter to
    MakeZotpressRequest in zotpress.rss.php, and uses it in
    GenerateZotpressEntries (in zotpress.shortcode.php) to ask for more entries
    if the “totalResults” element in the xml response is more than limit.

    The patch currently doesn’t obey the limit parametter and I’m not sure if
    the zotpress cache table must be modified to store start information.

    It’s a bit huge (140 lines) to be pasted directly here, and I haven’t find
    a way to attatch it. I can send or publish it wherever you want.

    Since I’m no wordpress expert, I’ll appreciate some help or indications to
    finish it, and it would be great if it’s incorporated in the zotpress code



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  • I have applied the patch at website. I have a
    screendump before the patch, if anyone is curious.



    Plugin Author Katie


    Nice catch — I’ll make sure this problem doesn’t occur in the next version.

    Hi there,

    Has there been a new version released with this fix? I have no way how to resolve the issue but when I do a [zotero] call I only get 50 of our over 160 publications for our publication list.

    Thanks! Great plugin!


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