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  • The plugin still works in posts, BUT pictures quit showing up in photo badge AND started to drag out the loading of the page…I love this photo badge and being able to control the viewing thumbnails size thru the actual zenphoto program where all my picture are self hosted.

    Any suggestions? Is the badge compatible with 2.7.1?

    As I said, the plugin still works with the posts but not the widget. I don’t actually know if it quit working since the update or I just started noticing after the update, because I have not uploaded recent picture or messed with the zenphoto program or wordpress widgets.

    I removed the photo badge for now, but my site is and you can see I used the plugin a couple of days ago to link to my albums, but photo badge will not show pics.

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  • As far as I know, there are no issues with 2.7.1.
    The badge and the insertion of images in posts work a little differently, so it’s possible than one is still working while the other is not.

    Did you actually added images to the post one-by-one or did you use the shortcode (that is, “[zenphotopress]”)?
    Also what do you mean with “drag out the loading of the page”?

    The badge was already working with pics from my zenphoto album, then it quit working, and now the right widget column (the one with the zenphotopress badge) takes longer to load with no pictures showing just the title I typed in the ‘edit widget’ part a long time ago (of course it won’t load slow now, because I removed it)…it just quit working, I have not did anything new, or uploaded pictures, or anything else. I just went to my site and noticed it wasn’t showing pictures and taking a long time to load that column.

    The other part of the plugin shows pictures in your post, there’s nothing wrong with that, it still works.

    Did you try having a look at the HTML code of the widget?
    Since the images won’t load, it’s likely that there’s some problem with the URLs. If you can check them, they may provide some hints on what is failing exactly.

    I can look at the HTML and the URL’s…but my point is this, nothing has changed except updating from 2.7 to 2.7.1 I have not added to, or altered the widget, photo album, or plugin since it was working properly so nothing has changed with the widget or album since it was working EXCEPT upgrading wordpress. No plugin updates, no album update, nada.

    Unless of course my hosting company has changed something, but I have not been notified.

    But thank you for continueing to try and help.

    I am not sure what the problem was, but after I re-installed wordpress 2.7.1 it straightened itself out.

    So I still don’t know what happened but I am happy it works!

    That’s the way computer science goes, sometimes 😀

    Glad everything is working.

    Could someone point me in the right direction as to how to alter the size of the images displayed in the sidbar using the zenpress badge widget?

    The size is the same as the size of the Zenpress thumbnails: an option is to change the size of the thumbnails in Zenpress, and the new size will be used by ZenphotoPress too.

    Thanks, I was looking for something within zenpress on wp instead of in the zenfolio admin, doh !

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