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  • I get the message: “Wrong Zenphoto data path. It should point to the filesystem folder containing zp-config.php. Try to come up with something similar to “/home/walterl/” which is your current WordPress path.”

    My file system folder(where I ftp to) is / Should that have a home in front of it? I use DreamHost

    My Zenphoto Gallery URL is

    is it not working because they are on different domains?

    Happy New Year


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  • /home/username/ is the full path for DreamHost, so that part is all right, however I do believe that you will need to keep this under single domain, instead of going subdomain and domain.

    Plugin Author Simbul


    Yes, you should have a /home/walterl in front of the domain name if you’re on Dreamhost.

    Have you tried with /home/walterl/ ?

    Thanks for this info. On Emil’s advice I’ve now installed under the one domain. I have the path working.

    What happens now is that in the posts as well as in the sidebar widget I get the file name of the photo as a link. The link works and takes me to the image in Zenphoto.

    However I’d like to see the images on the blog. Am I missing something? (You can see the links in my sidebar – right at the bottom, my flickr images – the system I’m replacing – are above that)

    Glad that this worked out for you.

    Images are coming from to leave the images in your blog and prevent clicks you can remove the Link URL directly from the post where you inserted them. Click on photo and navigate to “Link URL” > None.

    Also I see that you or maybe this Zenphoto is using under “My Photos” you can freely remove www. part. In subdomains http:// is all you need 🙂


    Thanks Emil,

    No it has not quite worked out as you think. The Rosenberg image, as with all Zenphoto images on the blog were added manually, and that works ok, they don’t even need to be on the same domain or path.

    When I use the plugin all I get is a link, not an image. This is true of the widget in the sidebar too, where I really have no other option to get latest images coming up.

    Id like to be able to add the images using the plugin, esp in the sidebar widget.


    Plugin Author Simbul


    @waltzzz have you installed the latest Zenphoto (1.4)? It was released just a few days ago, so ZenphotoPress does not support it yet. It may be the reason why the images are not shown in your sidebar.

    Simbul, Indeed, that must be it! I’ll keep an Ernst & Young out for the update 🙂


    oops some strange auto correct slipped into that last post:

    I’ll keep an eye out for the update 🙂


    Plugin Author Simbul


    I just published a hotfix: this should take care of the issue with Zenphoto 1.4.
    Just update ZenphotoPress to version 1.7.4 and let me know whether this solves your problem 😉

    Yes, its all go!

    Thank you.

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