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  • hello,
    my config : WP 3.1 – Zenphoto 1.4.02
    I have the same problem.
    I find some modification to do in json.php :
    require_once(dirname(__FILE__).’/zp-core/global-definitions.php‘); /// instead of folder-definitions.php
    define(‘OFFSET_PATH’, 0);
    require_once(ZENFOLDER . “/template-functions.php”);
    require_once(ZENFOLDER . “/functions-rss.php”);
    if (!getOption(‘RSS_album_image’)) {
    header(“HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found”);
    header(“Status: 404 Not Found”);
    include(ZENFOLDER. ‘/404.php’);
    require_once(ZENFOLDER .’/’.PLUGIN_FOLDER . “/image_album_statistics.php”); /// not found this file, even in previous versions

    P.S : when I use zengallery with one image, I have the error code :
    /suisse01/2006der-146.jpg.php was not found on this server.
    Thanks for your help.

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  • Plugin Author Raphael


    > I have the same problem.
    Are you referring to the other thread over here?

    I am not sure how to read your post. Is this a fix, that is do you offer some modification to json.php that works with ZP 1.4 (but not with 1.3)?

    As for your PS: please post the complete URL the plugin generates and the one you get if you open this picture in Zenphoto 1.4? It is possible that the way URLs are assembled changed (that should cause all generated links to images to break, by the way).

    Yes I referred to this post.
    I didn’t done any modification or hacks to json.php.
    I have included zenphoto in a post.
    ** First with [zengallery]
    When I got this error, I searched in json.php and I discovered that wordpress 3.1 had changed some files :
    – folder-definition.php in .==> global-definitions.php
    – the file image_album_statistics.php doesn’t exist.
    ** Second, I included one image with :
    [zenimage album=suisse01 image=2006der-146.jpg]
    An icon with ZP appears and when I click on it here’s the error code :
    Not Found
    The requested URL /suisse01/2006der-146.jpg.php was not found on this server.
    You'll see the tag
    around image’s name.

    My blog url is :
    The post with ZP plugin is :
    P.S : not tested with ZP 1.3 and I can’t.

    Plugin Author Raphael


    json.php has nothing to do with WordPress. It has to be in the root of your Zenphoto installation as explained in the documentation and the file itself. But it will most likely not work with ZP .4, anyway.

    I have no idea where the code tags might come from; that has nothing to do with the wrong ZP version and is not a problem with WordPress 3.1 in general (since it works for me). Please check in TinyMCE’s HTML editor that you do not include those yourself with the WYSIWYG editor.

    If you want to post HTML here so that we can see it, please enclose it in backticks like so: ... (as proposed right below the textbox you enter your message into). If you reread your own posts, you notice that the tags have “vanished” so I could not see what you were referring to.

    Btw, your Zenphoto installation only says “setup scripts missing” so how you can expect an external plugin to retrieve pictures from it eludes me.

    Plugin Author Raphael


    Ok, the forums do not handle combinations of backticks and code tags properly…

    I’ve found the tag . It was because I put a link on the zp balise.
    I've tried again some tries and nothing works.
    With [zenalbum] : identical error msg
    With [zenimage} : the right path to the image is incorrect
    Here the link shown in the post :
    You see double slash before album's name and the real path is :

    Perhaps in ZP 1.3 albums weren't classified in sub-folder albums ?

    I'm sure that json.php is incorrect.
    Don't bother, I'll wait for an update and for the moment I'll put a still image with a link to the gallery.

    Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Raphael


    I would not expect [zenalbum] or [zenlatest] to work since they rely on json.php.

    It should be too much trouble for you to fix the URLs produced for [zenimage] and [zengallery], though. Indeed, ZP 1.3 did not have that album/ part. Just go to the following places and adapt according to the URLs you need: ll 114-125 (link targets)
    zenphoto_gallery.php l 470 (image url)
    zenphoto_gallery.php l 508 (image url)

    If you let me know what has to be there (have no ZP 1.4 myself currently) I am happy to publish it as a patch.

    However, it might be while until I really upgrade the plugin to ZP 1.4, unfortunately. Making it support both versions simultaneously is a bit harder than just fixing the paths, and I want to do it together with some other changes. And, obviously, I got other things keeping me busy.

    OK. Thanks.
    Me too, have no time until next week.

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