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  • I’m the hrecipe developer. hrecipe is compatible with WordPress 3.3, as you can see from examining the latest released commit:

    I have installed both of these other plugins on a WP 3.3/3.4 installation with WP_DEBUG enabled. Both report a number of problems. The Youtube plugin especially reports a very large number of problems.

    Before I release any revision of hrecipe, I do test it against the latest version of WP, typically within an hour of the very latest commit to WP core, as well as with the current version of WP. This testing is performed with a suite of debugging plugins and with the WP_DEBUG flag enabled in wp-config.php.

    If you have access to a developer, please have him or her verify my results.

    Thank you for considering hrecipe. I keep hrecipe as simple as possible, because simple is hard enough.

    Dave I appreciate your reply here, but you seem to have taken my post as reporting an issue with YOUR plugin.. I was in fact reporting an issue that I had when using BOTH the You Tube with Style and hRecipe plugins together.. (tested this on TWO different site to confirm that the two plugins do not play well together) Also I indicated in my post that the You Tube with Style plugin causes a similar error with Easy Recipe.

    If you look at the post title, you will see that I reported this error on the You Tube with Style support thread.. I did this since I believe the the You Tube with Style plugin is this plugin that is the cause of the issue.. I tagged hRecipe as this was the plugin which was in conflict with You Tube with Style. It took me a while to figure out which plugin was causing the issue I reported. I wanted to pass on the information in case others were using the You Tube with Style plugin with hRecipe and had a similar issue.

    For anyone using You Tube with Style, I found that WP YouTube Player does not conflict with either hRecipe and Easy Recipe.. I really like the You Tube with Style plugin, but the conflicts with hRecipe and Easy Recipe were a deal breaker for me..

    DV, yes, thank you, and I really appreciate your attentiveness to these issues.

    My response is in part for the benefit of the other two plugin authors. There were some changes to the toolbar handling code between 3.2 and 3.3, hopefully everyone will get updated soon.

    Again, thanks for reporting, it really makes a difference.

    You’re welcome Dave.. The issue I believe is with the You Tube with Style plugin.. hRecipe and Easy Recipe both work aces when You Tube with Style is disabled.

    Plugin Author Chris McCoy


    i will be looking into this, the plugin is being recoded from scratch, so i can take all the issues reported into account.

    thanks for making a post, this will help me when i recode this plugin.



    Awesome.. Glad to hear you are on the case.. I relly LOVE this plugin, and would like to re-implement it if it will work with Easy Recipe or hRecipe.. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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