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  • when will you stop trying to make different Breant and start using default WP/BP css protocols… your engine is great, but you always replace default styles and classes with your own, which BREAK about everything…

    go back to the default and add a simple “body class” to the script so WE can edit the CSS properly as you can’t.

    stop focussing on the look of your engines, start being efficient.

    i have to recode your engine entirely to make it happen because nothing works fluidly in Buddpyress – which you worked hard to make compatible with.

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  • btw, yes, i act like crazy and the comment seems to be of frustration, but it’s not…

    this Classified engine is the best on the market, no matter the style of it… it contains everything anybody can ask for such system… it just lack some details like inserts of banners and a good breadcrumb, but any designer can handle this…

    Plugin Author grosbouff


    Hi Nexia.
    Yes, maybe you’re true.
    It’s my very first plugin and i’ve rewritten it 4 times from scratches.
    I’m not trying to make “different”. I’m trying to use WP/BP functions as much as I can. But styling still is a problem.
    What do you mean by using a body class ?
    Something like “body.yclads” for each of my classes ?
    Now it starts to be stable (their is a new version coming out as soon as possible, which improves it a lot -i think).

    Maybe I should let people customizing it and include no styles.
    Or at least have an option to disable default styles, I don’t know.

    I’m looking for people to help me finish this plugin. Maybe you would join the project if you have a good knowledge of WP, BP, CSS and PHP… What do you think ?

    I could send you the dev version.

    Please rather contact me on the plugin’s website…

    i’ll do…

    i’m going to work on major projects soon, so i’ll have time to help or even takeover the missing jobs if you need any.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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