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  • Hi, thanks for reporting

    I’m working on the plugin so you can use your own styling, fx:

    [youlist pid="PL3FF15AA7ED356D9F" style="width:300px;height:400px;z-index:1;"]

    I will try to upgrade the plugin today with these changes.

    Version 1.0.2 is ready with these changes.

    Hello @birgire.

    Thanks for the update – it’s working fine on Firefox, but not for Chrome, IE9 or Safari. For example, the the speakpipe tab has a z-index: 100000; so the youlist video should definately fall behind this tab, but for some reason it isn’t.

    The tab falls in front of the youlist video in Opera, but perhaps that’s because the video isn’t displaying (as per my other support thread).

    Thanks. Gavin.

    Hi @gavinwebb

    It looks ok on mac (chrome+firefox) with these two plugins.

    On pc it looks ok in Chrome (21.0.1180.55 beta-m).
    In Firefox the youtube videos are in front of the eu + speakpipe popups.
    Still have to check in Opera and IE.

    I will have to dig into the html code that is coming from YouTube through the iframe.

    Do you have the link to the youtube plugin you mentioned earlier?

    Hi @birgire

    Here’s the code that I’ve included in a do_shortcode text widget setup:
    [youlist vid="N_ZFETatNTY,-4TJBTddP3A,g2axLFDjTgo,qXOrJtn1h2M,0n4E2tAQBVE,ej5L3aJMlPA,A3YxvySQqkk,F5_N86Pblj0" width="288" height="250"]

    How would I apply the z-index to the above shortcode?

    This can be found at

    It displays fine but still having problems with the z-index. On a 64bit PC the video float over the speakpipe tab using:
    – Chrome 20.0.1132.57 m
    – IE9 9.0.8112.16421
    – Safari 5.1.7 (7537.57.2)

    It works fine in Opera 12.00 (64bit) and Firefox 13.0.1 and 14.0.1.

    Thanks. Gavin.

    Howdy Y’all

    There is a work around for this issue. Simply add “&wmode=transparent” to the playlist ID as listed below.

    [youlist pid=”PLE05FCA2B84905AEC&wmode=transparent” style=”width:610px;height:400px;z-index:1;”]

    This should take care of this issue for most browsers.



    that’s great, thanks for sharing

    Mabye it would be helpful if I would add an extra attribute for wmode?

    For example

    [youlist wmode="transparent" ]

    someone one stackoverflow also suggested wmode=opaque

    the wmode parameter is now available in version 1.0.5


    * added: vq parameter to change the video quality, (fx hd720) (Props cjgrasso)
    * added: https parameter to enable the secure protocol
    * added: nocookie parameter to disable cookies
    * added: wmode parameter to handle z-index issues (Props patmak)
    * added: parameters parameter for custom parameters
    * changed: updated the readme.txt with better description of the parameters

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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