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    In Headway’s “header.php” file, there is <?php headway_title(); ?> instead of <title><?php wp_title('') ?></title>.

    I added in the if/else statement from the plugin readme file anyway, configuring it in every way I could think of. I used headway_title(), wp_title(), and even “echo”-ed a text string. The first part always worked (the individual category titles would show), but the “else” (main title for home and pages) would come up <title></title>.

    Anybody else use Headway theme? Any ideas for solving this?

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  • There should be no if / then / else, just “wp_title(”);”, but you know what, I’ll talk to the Headway guys and make sure I can hook into their stuff.

    Hmmm… okay. There was something in the “readme” file; I assumed it was needed to work properly. Anyway, I’ll be messing with it again tomorrow. Thanks a lot for looking into it.

    Version 2.0.5 of HeadWay and up will, thanks to Clay and Grant of Headway, work with WordPress SEO out of the box.

    Thank you so much for talking to them! I feel so relieved.

    Unfortunately, I just updated my Headway and re-activated your plugin, and the same is happening.

    For instance I put “Bahamas Current Events Videos- National Issues” in the title field, but when I view the source code “National Issues | Conch Salad TV” is still replacing it.

    Could this have anything to do with these being so low in the header? Because the description field is showing as it should, though it is below all of the theme style sheets, javascript, and other plugins right before </head>, rather than at the top of the code. Hm.

    Just as a note, the if/else statement I referenced in my first post was actually for a different title tag plugin. Yours and his both seemed to have a problem with the “headway_title()” which is why I got them confused. I only have yours activated now, though.

    Hi stephanie, you’ll need to wait a bit for version 0.1.8, coming up in a bit, it has the new hooks needed for this to work properly 🙂


    The changelog states that a filter has been added and that the two should now function together, but I’ve tried using v0.1.8 of the plugin with Headway 2.0.5. The custom SEO titles for category archives are not displaying correctly.

    It defaults to whatever variable is entered into SEO > titles > categories > title template.

    Found out what was the issue here, specifically for the category title it won’t work yet, the next version, probably 0.2.1, will contain a fix.

    Cheers, Joost.

    There a donation on the way. Good luck with the premium modules.

    Thanks Gary, if you don’t mind me asking, a 5 star rating would rock too 😉

    of course 🙂

    _stephanie_, your issue has been resolved right? If so, could you set the topic to resolved?

    Yes, the unique titles are showing now with the latest update. Thanks a lot.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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