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  • Hi to averyone…
    I’ve a strange problem..and I don’t know how to solve it…

    I have a main category “news” and 3 sub cat.

    When I write a post, I want that it belongs to the main category “news” and one of the other 3 sub cat. for example “events”.
    The breadcrumbs-plugin works very well: when I display the post it displays the home>news>events> nameOFpost

    This works for the events and last-news subcat…the problem come with the travels subcat:
    when I go to the post (with assigned the news main cat. and travels subcat.) I see:
    home>news>titleOFpost -> miss the travels subcat!!

    In my mad mind, I think that the problem is in the alphabetical order that wordpress uses to save the information about the posts. Well, when I go to view all the post I’ve written, in the backend, on the “category” column I can see

    news, travels -> the case where the plugin doesn’t work!
    last-news, news -> the plugin works
    events, news -> the plugin works
    … -> other case the plugin works..the subcat come before the main cat!

    And an other strange thing is that when I assign to a post only the subcat,
    the plugin works perfectly, showing home>news>subCat>post_title

    What can I do?? Please help.
    I need to put the post in the main cat and in the subcat too!
    Thank you!

    To test :
    go to events and travels post to see the problem


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  • No one can help me?

    Hello, I am facing the exact same issue. Have you managed to resolve it? I think it is a plugins bug but not sure for that.

    Hi nikoza…sorry for the late response…
    Yep, I’ve solved the problem : simply I’ve written my own breadcrubs, because of my client new request; with the plugin I couldn’t get what I wanted…

    I believe that this is a bug or not a right way of how wordpress save the data.

    Hope you can solve your problem, have a good work!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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