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  • Thanks for reporting this–this is the first I’ve heard of this. It’s possible that this is some weird conflict with your theme or other widgets. Does this still occur if you move YARPP to be your first widget, or move it to an earlier widget area (if you have multiple)? What if you switch themes temporarily to something like the builtin 2012 theme?

    Thanks for your reply. The YARRP widegt was located in the middle of my upper right sidebar. I moved the widget to the top most position and the problem disappeared.
    Then I tried to move the widet to my left sidebar, within this sidebar the widget works without any problem.
    Very strange indeed.
    Im using a theme from solostream: da-vinci 2.09

    If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it if we could pin down what the incompatibility is. There’s probably a particular other widget which is misbehaving. Call this other widget X. Could you experiment and figure out what X is, such that if you make it YARPP before X, YARPP works right, but if it’s X before YARPP, YARPP messes up?

    I’ve been seeing something similar too. The plugin is applying a custom template and until just now it was showing the same five posts. (I had the maximum set to six.) I read this thread and disabled some plugins, and then I had a different set of six, but the same set on all posts. I wondered if our content is too similar (we’re on a dev site and have 22 similar posts) or the algorithm needs to “crawl” other posts.

    In case it helps, here are the plugins I deactivated. Note that the new set of six remained after these were all reactivated.

    – Add Quicktag
    – Embedded Video
    – Enable Media Replace
    – Executable PHP Widget
    – Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.8
    – KC Widget Enhancements
    – Meta Tag Manager
    – PollDaddy Polls & Ratings
    – RTLer


    @thunderfire: any updates?

    @jeremyshultz: are you using the builtin display or the widget?

    It’s the built-in display.

    Similiar issue here. Seems to be caching issue somehow releated to theme. YARPP works perfectly with twentyeleven theme (correct related posts for each post), stops working with WooThemes Canvas (displays the same set of related posts for all posts).

    The only difference is theme – twentyeleven or Woo Canvas, all other plugins are the same.

    Also after settings change and save, (on Canvass – on twentyeleven it works ok) YARPP displays correct related posts to the first post I visit, then the same set of posts for every other post (thus my gues it is cache-related).

    It’s possible that it is the theme, but it’s also possible that it’s actually a widget interaction, since different themes can change the position and selection of sidebars (widget areas).

    @andy_p: for Woo Canvas, I suggest you ask Woo whether that theme has any sort of caching system built into the theme which might be interacting with YARPP.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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