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  1. Klark0
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Plugin works great except that when I update my options the changes are made BUT they are reverted back to default when I navigate away from the options page.


  2. Hi Klark0 - Hmm, this is very odd indeed. Were you seeing this behavior before 2.7? What page did you navigate to after saving your YARPP options? Also, right after you save your YARPP options but before you navigate to another page, are your changes actually reflected on your site? (Make sure to turn off any caching you might have when checking that last one.)

    Thanks a lot for the report--I'd really like to follow up on this one.

  3. Klark0
    Posted 7 years ago #


    If it go to any other admin page, including the built-in ones like Write Post ...the YARPP setting revert to default.

    I'd love to disable SuperCache, but I get so many hits round the clock that the site dies without it.

  4. Hmm... well, what I'm trying to get at is whether (a) it's not saving the options at all or (b) the YARPP options page are just *displaying* the default options, regardless of the current settings.

    If the options you choose are being reflected on your blog, then it must be (b). That's why I'd love it if you could turn off your caching and check but, alternatively, if you simply change some settings, save, and wait a few hours until the cache clears (or you can manually clear it) and see if your settings are reflected at all, that would help figure out if it's (a) or (b).

    Thanks for your cooperation -- I really hope we can figure this out!

    ps: did you use YARPP before upgrading to 2.7? Did it work right then?

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