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    Hello. Just installed the yarp plugin, yet another related posts plugin, and am using it in conjunction with the related posts slider plugin. For some reason yarp is only showing the same post as a related post. For example, if the post is “do it yourself garden” the yarp plugin only shows that specific post in the slider, no other posts. Anyone have this issue or know why it’s happening? I tried moving the threshold up and down, but made no difference. Thanks.

    Jason C.

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  • I’m having the same problem with the current post being displayed as the related post and a match score of 0. Uninstalled 3.2, uploaded 3.1.9 and it is working fine again.

    Yes, this looks like a different issue than the one you mentioned above, mitcho.

    With 3.2, YARPP only shows the current post being displayed as the related post.

    I’ve changed the Match Threshold from 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, and still, it only shows the current post as the related post.

    Just like delapuravida, I uninstalled 3.2, uploaded 3.19, and it’s working again.

    I’m seeing the same issue on my blog after upgrading to 3.2 – all posts are only linking to themselves with a score of 0.

    My problem is slightly different. I have a multilingual site and the posts only display properly for my primary language (English), but not the secondary language.
    After running &action=flush it works well, but only for one instance and after refreshing my page just one time the related posts are messed up, as the ones showed are not related and do not match the values I set in YARPP settings.
    So everything is fine for first language, but only work for secondary language after changing the settings, but only for the first load of the article.
    I updated to the latest version, but it didn’t change anything.
    Also the related posts displaying in the Edit Post window are correct, but in the actual post those are not the ones that are displayed.
    Any help?

    Ah, I understand now. Thanks all for clarifying. You’re all seeing this “self-relating with match score of 0” on your site itself, not in the admin side, right? Does it occur on every post? Does it matter if the post has revisions or not?

    Could someone make a mysql dump of their yarpp_related_cache table and email it to me at, referencing this forum thread? Thank you!

    Yes, mitcho, the “self-relating with match score of 0” appears on the site itself, not the admin side.

    And yes, it occurs on every post.

    I checked, and it doesn’t matter whether or not the post has revisions; every post is always self-relating with a match score of 0.

    I’d be glad to send you a mysql dump of the yarpp_related_cache table, but I’m not quite sure how to do it. Do you need a file already inside the yet-another-related-posts-plugin directory?

    Or is this something I need to manually generate?



    I’m having the very same issue. Is there a fix on the horizon?

    I’d like to step back to the older version of the plugin until this is fixed but not sure how?


    Hi Mitcho,

    I have the issue but only on my website online.
    It’s working fine on my localhost, I know I have the same database BUT with no posts revisions 🙂

    This must be the only difference. Is there a way to download the previous version 3.1.9 ? I could’nt find it on your website.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    @andyrathbone you’ll have to use a tool like phpmyadmin to get this database dump.

    @kazes Thanks for that information… very helpful… though I still haven’t been able to reproduce this.

    Here’s where you can get previous versions:

    @mitcho I opened up phpmyadmin and e-mailed you a mysql dump of the yarpp_related_cache table both for v3.1.9 and v3.2. Hope it helps.

    I just pushed version 3.2.1b2… please let me know if this helps this issue:

    Wow, that was fast. Installing version 3.2.1b2 fixed the issue for me. Thanks!

    Well, let it sit for a while and make sure it doesn’t come back or have any other poor side effects… but yes, I think this beta solves it. 🙂

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