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    Hello. Just installed the yarp plugin, yet another related posts plugin, and am using it in conjunction with the related posts slider plugin. For some reason yarp is only showing the same post as a related post. For example, if the post is “do it yourself garden” the yarp plugin only shows that specific post in the slider, no other posts. Anyone have this issue or know why it’s happening? I tried moving the threshold up and down, but made no difference. Thanks.

    Jason C.

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  • @40cooper hmm, that’s odd, if it’s happening *everywhere*… it’s possible that that really is because that’s the only one pulled up by YARPP… in that case, try lowering your “match threshold” in YARPP options and see if that helps.

    Are there any posts which say “no related posts”?



    Thanks for the quick reply. I lowered it to 3 and then down to 1 and it made no difference, still only showed one post, the same post it’s in. I then decided to disable the related posts slider plugin and just use yarpp and that took care of it. Seems to be working beautiful now. Too bad, I really liked the looks of the slider in conjunction with yarpp. But yarpp seems to be the most intelligent related posts plugin I’ve found so far. Very pleased with it. Thanks for the help.



    I have the same bug. :s



    Change setting for match and it works!



    I have the same issue–YARPP suddenly stopped showing <i>any</i> related posts (it used to work fine), so I uninstalled it and re-installed it, and now every post has one single related post, of itself. Tweaking the match score doesn’t help, and in fact if I look at the pages while logged in as admin (so that the current score shows up), every “match” of the page with itself has a score of 0.


    “change setting for match” – may I ask what you mean by that ?


    These are the parameters of complementarity.

    Thanks, but I still have no idea what to change and where. I tried all the tweaks possible in “settings”, nothing seems to work…

    I think they are referring to the threshold settings for the yarp plugin. The higher the nuber in this setting the more strict the plugin is at deciding what is considered a related post. Lowering that number should allow more posts to be considered. My problem turned out to apparently be incompatibility with another plugin, the “related posts slider”. Once I deactivated that plugin yarp has worked just fine. Are you using yarp with another such plugin?

    nope, no slider; but of course a handful of other plugins are running. I`ll try to deactivate them one at a time and see what happens…

    Thanks a lot

    So, tried deactivating all other plugins – one at a time – still no success, the same post is the only “other relevant” one…

    Installed version 3.1.9 again and everything is back to normal…

    I’m having same issue here. I have to go back to the last version.

    mitcho — That problem is different from the one that I’m experiencing, and that it sounds like others on this thread are experiencing. On that thread, it sounds like the related posts shown for each contain duplicates, so that Post X has a related posts list of “Post Y, Post Y, Post Y”; in this thread, the related posts shown are simply the original post itself, so that Post X has a related posts list of “Post X”.

    I haven’t yet had a chance to downgrade to the last version of YARPP, but I’ll hopefully try that tonight and see if that fixes the problem.

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