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  • Hi Mitcho,

    First off, let me just say YARPP is an awesome plugin. Haven’t had any problem with it until now.

    I’m using a custom template for YARPP. I remember it being fine a day ago but it is now printing two of the same related articles. The custom template I’m using is the first sample you shared in your post here:

    I’ve tried turning off “automatically display related posts” but no luck. The related article list is being displayed in custom category pages and as I understand it (which is not much), I have to manually use this code to call YARPP: <?php related_posts(); ?>.

    Thanks for the help!


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  • The issue isnt resolved until the plugin is updated to fix for this.

    This issue is still not fixed. Clearing the cache brings the problem back next day.

    Infact the whole situation seems like a recursive attempt at fudging the issue.

    On twitter the author says refer to forum

    On forum the last ‘closing post’ says refer to the link on the site

    On that site it says goto the forum to look for solution !

    A tip for author – please roll back the NEW cache feature that you implemented. i suspect that had broken your plugin.

    Yup = I have to remove the plugin unfortunately. Also causes errors in my error log for other reasons. Unfortunately, just not working well as a plugin anymore – bummer, cause I used to love it.

    YARPP is great, but this bug is too big to be ignored like that. The flush stuf is a paliative, not a solution… So, I’m also remove YARPP, at least for now. I hope the solution comes soon and when the plugin have a new version, I will try again, but for now, there is no other solution besides remove YARPP… I’m sad, because I don’t know any other related post plugin with so accuracy, but is better use a plugin that’s not so good, but functional. I’m really tired of clean my cache every time that I put a new post or edit some post.

    @adrianna – similar posts seems to be a good alternative – one Im looking into now but I wish YARPP would just work properly as Id rather use it

    The issue isnt resolved until the plugin is updated to fix for this.

    I can’t agree more.

    @valandilearfalas thanks for adding the IDs to your output. So it indeed looks like the same exact ID entries are being duplicated in the cache. Could you (or anyone else) try making a slight code change, flushing the cache, and seeing if this helps?

    I’m looking at the line:

    $newsql .= "\n group by id \n";

    in magic.php.

    Could someone try changing this to:
    $newsql .= "\n group by ID \n";
    instead and flushing the cache (as I posted above) and seeing if this helps? Thank you all!

    Could someone make a mysql dump of their yarpp_related_cache table and email it to me at, referencing this forum thread? Thank you!


    Tks for the sugestion, but I use Related Post Slider so I have to use YARPP or WordPress Related Posts. I don’t love WRP, the only parameter taken into consideration are the tags. But like I said, better work a little below my expectations than provide repeat links for my visitors…

    I will continue following the discussion about it. Disabled, but not extinguished the YARPP and I hope to return to it once the problem is resolved.

    hey Mitcho,

    I made your suggested change to the code but the problem is still there.

    Thanks valandilearfalas.

    If someone could send me their yarpp_related_cache table data, that would be much appreciated. I still can’t reproduce this issue locally.

    Is there a place we can download a previous version until this is fixed? The other version was working ok.

    @sexydawnt You can download other version of YARPP from here.

    @mitcho I have mailed you the yarpp_related_cache table data.

    I believe that is related to post reviews as
    I believe this error on my site to appear when there revisions and auto save

    FWIW, I was having the same problem…and then I deleted Akismet and the problem seems to have gone away. Hopefully this info might help.

    Renji was helpful enough to email me with a sample cache table with a duplicate, but I still haven’t been able to reproduce this myself.

    Some quick questions for you fine folks:
    1. Are duplicates showing up on posts or pages?
    2. Did updating the post (i.e. creating a new revision) trigger the duplicates?
    3. Are you all really using Akismet? Does disabling Akismet prevent further duplicates from being created?

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