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  • Hi Mitcho,

    First off, let me just say YARPP is an awesome plugin. Haven’t had any problem with it until now.

    I’m using a custom template for YARPP. I remember it being fine a day ago but it is now printing two of the same related articles. The custom template I’m using is the first sample you shared in your post here:

    I’ve tried turning off “automatically display related posts” but no luck. The related article list is being displayed in custom category pages and as I understand it (which is not much), I have to manually use this code to call YARPP: <?php related_posts(); ?>.

    Thanks for the help!


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  • You’re right… if you turn off the “automatically display” option, you’ll want to add related_posts() to your template. Are you still getting duplicates? Does this happen on every page? Does it happen with different YARPP templates as well?

    Hi Mitcho,

    Yes, I’m still getting duplicate posts. And all of my posts are displaying the same related articles.

    I then tried to set higher matching threshold and it’s displaying nothing. So I lowered it back to there it was, still nothing. I lowered to 1, and still nothing.

    Please help?

    Thank you.

    @valandilearfalas… this is quite odd. You may want to try clearing the cache completely once, by clearing the table wp_yarpp_related_cache. Or, on YARPP 3.2 (brand new!) add &action=flush to the end of the URL of your YARPP settings page, and reload.

    Hi Mitcho,

    Yup, it’s still happening even after I upgraded and flushed it. It was working fine.

    You can see the page here:

    If you go to other category pages, they are all the same related articles. These are custom category pages.

    The related articles on blog posts seems to be alright though. You can see the blogs posts by going to the homepage and scrolling down.


    Hi Mitcho,

    I’m having the same issue.

    For example:

    triple links to the same post. It just started happening with the most recent update I believe.

    Any ideas?

    I am having the same problem since the most recent updates. I am not using custom templates for YARPP, though.

    That is just one of the links on my site that is doing it

    Hi all—if any of you are able to use a custom YARPP template to print the ID using get_the_ID(), I would appreciate it. I would like to know whether it’s actually pointing to different ID entries or not.

    Hi Mitcho,

    I updated mine with the ID.


    Hi Mitcho,
    I was having the same duplicate problem and on the post edit page it was showing me 20 related posts with duplicates. Got it fixed now after using action=flush.


    Can you explain the “action=flush’ trick you used to get it to stop displaying duplicates?


    Visit the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Options page by adding &action=flush at the end of the URL or simply visit the below URL, replacing with your site:

    I did the flush thing, by the way. It shows no article until it started to rebuild the database and begin to display the same issues. Duplicate articles, except with a different list.

    Just to let everyone know. I use YARPP and RPS and am having the same problem.

    Since I use RPS to show the posts on the site, the option “automatically display” of YARPP is always off. I tried to put it on for testing and the behavior is exactly the same.

    The problem disappears when I clean the cache with the flush, but after putting one or two articles, the problem returns. This happens in the post I just published and affects some of the oldest too. Sometimes, in the admin panel, after publishing the post, the list of related posts is perfect but when viewing the article on the site, is doubled or tripled … Other times have doubled in the admin panel itself.

    Very strange … 🙂

    I just noticed I am having the same problem as Adrianaa mentioned above. The duplicates go after clearing cache but they return after 2-3 new posts.

    Yohan Perera


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