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  • YARPP conflicts with something in Templatedia that causes a bunch of decimal numbers to be displayed with [templatedia] [/templatedia] tags when YARPP is automatically activated.

    I can get the site to work by manually inserting the PHP, but the RSS feed still gets messed up.

    Is there a way to manually insert the related_posts into my feed?

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  • @Pitchers Hit Eighth – I assume these [templatedata] tags are coming from the excerpts… do you have excerpt display on? If so, this should be corrected in 3.0, for which I’m running a beta cycle right now. If you feel so inclined, I’d love to know if you still have this issue with 3.0 beta 2.



    Thanks for your response.

    I tried turning excerpts off, and it’s still conflicting. The exact output is this:


    …that’s in place of a link that should be output from the Templatadia plugin. ( )

    I tried using the 3.0 beta 2, but could never get it to finish building the cache. Any suggestions there?

    Sorry, I don’t think I understood the nature of the bug… are you saying that with YARPP on, the [templatediaencoded] tags are not getting replaced in the actual post content??

    As for the cache not finishing… I’ll have to figure out a better way to check why it fails. I need some debug display or something. Did it work with beta 1?

    That is correct. If YARPP is automatically turned on in either the site or the RSS feed, the tags are not being replaced by the intended links.

    Currently I have the related_posts function manually installed in my site, and it works there – but I can’t get it to work in my RSS feed (mostly because I don’t know where to manually insert the code).

    Oh, and I never had a chance to try the cache with beta 1 for 3.0, sorry.

    Pitchers Hit Eighth… related_posts is not meant to be inserted into a RSS feed template, mostly because the RSS system is not meant to be templated. You should be using the “automatically display in RSS feeds” option if you want it to show up in the RSS feeds.

    If you still have trouble with the shortcodes being replaced or not being replaced, please try the 3.0 betas… currently 3.0b4: .

    Right, got it on the RSS feed – except when I auto display in the feed, it breaks the shortcodes as well!

    Also, it doesn’t play nice with Ozh Better Feed – which I’ve alluded to in another thread.

    Pitchers Hit Eight–you mean the shortcodes in the excerpts aren’t being replaced in the RSS feeds? How about on the website?

    They’re not being replaced in either location, the feed or the site.

    When I have YARPP automatically inserted, the output I get is this:


    With YARPP inserted manually, they act appropriately, which is converted into a link.

    I tried 3.0b4 and got the same results.

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