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  • Is it possible to use YARPP in combination with the Landing Sites Plugin ?

    This plugin can report the keywords searched for using the PHP function ls_getinfo('terms'). Can YARPP use those keywords to display Related Posts ?

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  • Hm… that’s a very interesting idea! This could also be used for 404 pages, for example… Hmm…

    Well, to answer your question, there’s no way to do this currently with YARPP, but perhaps in the future I will add a “override keywords” and let you search with some random keywords, rather than just the “current post”.

    Very cool idea, M66B. How were you thinking of using something like this on your site?


    Thread Starter M66B


    I am currently using code that looks like this.

    I would like to replace ls_related(...) of Landing Sites by related_entries(ls_getinfo('terms')) of YARPP.

    Actually I am running the code in a PHP Code Widget. You can see the result by doing this search a pick the top entry. In the right top you will find in red Searching For?.

    Of course a related search widget in YARPP would even be easier 😉


    Version 2.1 is not working correctly with WP 2.6.3 – when I try to update settings I get redirected to the PayPal login page to make a donation!

    @domainpubber – that’s a new “feature”. 😉 Just kidding!

    Hmm… that’s odd… I’m running 2.6.3 on my blogs and not seeing that at all… was it acting correctly in 2.6.2?

    Anyone else seeing this PayPal issue?

    I’m still having this issue on 2 of my blogs but not others so I’m thinking it must be a namespace conflict with another plugin somewhere but I can’t figure it out. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and then tried the latest 2.1.2 version, emptying my browser cache, trying the admin panel for YARRP on various browsers and 2 different PCs.

    The result is always the same; when I try to update the YARRP settings I am rudely redirected to PayPal and cannot update the settings.

    Has anybody else seen this problem or have ideas on how to troubleshoot please? I love YARRP and would gladly make a donation … once 😉

    Hmm… I’m really sorry about that, though I should tell you that I’m not surprised 2.1.2 didn’t fix it, as I didn’t try to fix it in this version… I need more information about the bug before I can fix it, as I haven’t received any other reports and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

    Can you tell me what browser are you using? What version?


    Thanks mitchoyoshitaka,

    It really is a great plugin but I’ve had to switch to Similar Posts on these 2 sites for the moment since I can’t configure YARRP. I am using FF 3.0.3, IE 7 and Chrome. The results are the same in all 3 browsers so I’m fairly certain its not a browser issue. Thanks for looking into this issue even though I seem to be the only person having the problem. As I said before YARRP 2.x works fine on a couple of my other sites so I’m fairly sure there is a conflict with another plugin. I have even tried disabling some of the others but the 2 sites in question are high traffic sites and I don’t want to fiddle with them too much.

    @domainpubber – alright, I’ve caved and decided to change the PayPal code so it hopefully is not confused with the form submit event. Please try this development version and let me know if it works. Thanks!

    Hi mitchoyoshitaka,

    Great and thank you so much; that did the trick. Working perfectly now. I owe you a (single) PayPal donation 😉

    @domainpubber – thanks. I hope you enjoy YARPP now that it’s working right.


    I have been monitoring this thread hoping that you will implement the feature M66B proposed. I was wondering if this is still on your agenda or has been abandoned due to lack of interest from others. I am not a programmer and don’t have a good perspective on the amount of effort it would take to implement this valuable SEO feature.

    i’m waiting and hoping too

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