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  • 3.2 beta 3 is out!

    I’ve backtracked slightly from my attempts in beta 1 and beta 2 to completely swap out the custom table-based caching with postmeta-caching. Instead, I’ve abstracted that cache layer and made it so that you can switch between the two. By default, it will use the custom tables (like in 3.1.x) but you can add the following to your wp-config.php file and it will use postmeta instead:


    I’d *love* to get feedback from those willing to try the postmeta cache, in particular in comparison to the custom table approach. Is it faster? Slower? Somehow better or worse for your platform?

    In addition, a number of caching performance issues (one kind of major) have been resolved, resulting in much better cache retention!

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  • Hi

    It seems that no related pages are being pulled, is that the correct behaviour? Only posts are being related even if the page has a very similar title

    Do you have the “cross relate posts and pages” option on? By default it is off.


    can you do in future the ‘mass’ of tags.
    for example I want tag ‘people’ to have more wight than other tags.
    it’s just an idea, thanx.

    @stealingisbad, hmm, that’s an interesting idea, but I think it would be tricky to implement. 🙁


    Thanks for the update on the beta. Quick couple of questions for you.

    1. How does one clear the cache when using postmeta caching.

    2. The “caching performance issues (one kind of major) have been resolved” are for postmeta-caching or custom table caching or both?

    Thanks for your time. Looking forward to the final version of this.

    PS I’ve been using 3.2 beta 3 with postmeta caching, and have not had any major issues so far with 5000 posts.

    @fruitllama: glad the postmeta caching is working well for you.

    There isn’t a very simple way to clear the cache with postmeta. You can delete all entries in your wp_postmeta table with key “_yarpp_related”. I might add a button to the YARPP options page just to clear the cache.

    Thanks mucho for the reply mitcho.

    Last question, promise.

    With the improved caching performance in 3.2 beta 3, would it be better to switch back to custom table-based caching, or do the improvements apply to postmeta caching as well?

    Thanks for your time.

    The improvements apply to both, but I’m introducing the postmeta caching alongside the table caching as well (rather than just switching full-on) because I don’t yet know how their performance characteristics differ. If you do some profiling or notice any differences, I’d love to know.



    Hello and thanks for the great plugin! It would be a very good thing if the cache could be automatically emptied via a button in the plugin settings page. It would be useful even now, for the regular version (not beta)

    Thanks M. What you can do is add &action=flush to the URL of the YARPP options page and reload.



    Great! Thanks for the tip.

    No problem.

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