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    I alerted mitcho to this problem yesterday in Twitter, but it seemed wise to document it here too, both for his sake & for the sake of other YARPP users.

    Here’s what I’m getting:

    Warning: cannot yet handle MBCS in html_entity_decode()! in /home/henkimaa/public_html/lainen_wp/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/keywords.php on line 7

    I’ve got two WordPress blogs both running on a Bluehost server using PHP 5.2.17. One blog, Henkimaa, was on WordPress 3.1.1 yesterday (I hadn’t yet had time to install the update); the other, Bent Alaska, was using WordPress 3.1.2. For both blogs, everything had been working fine up until yesterday, when suddenly the problem occurred, forcing me to disable YARPP on both blogs. (I’ve since updated Henkimaa to WP 3.1.2.)

    It’s pretty bizarre that this problem just suddenly showed up out of the blue, when YARPP had been functioning quite normally with both blogs up until that time.

    YARPP is a great plugin, & I am assuming this is a very temporary problem. Thanks mitcho for already being responsive on Twitter. Hope this further documentation helps us get to the root of the problem. Any help/suggestions welcome.

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  • Same problem here. Any help pls???!


    Any word on a possible solution to this problem?

    Same here. Had to deactivate. Comes up with the error message and when refreshed shows the post as normal.

    Are you all using PHP 5? I did some further research, and indeed PHP 5 should not be producing such an error. :/

    @yskin, I’m not sure why this error would be produced for you with PHP 5.2. Could you try running the Health Check plugin to make sure that WordPress is really running in PHP 5? (Sometimes a server can have PHP 5 and PHP 4 running, and will use one or the other by default.)

    Thanks, Mitcho. I ran Health Check and found that in spite of Bluehost saying it’s running PHP 5.2.17, in fact Health Check says it’s running PHP version 4.4.9.

    So I will get with Bluehost & ask them why it’s giving a false report of which version of PHP is used for my site, & ask them to please upgrade.

    @yskin. Sounds good. Glad we figured it out. 🙂

    Finally had time to contact Bluehost support with my problem.

    Short version: all is good now.

    Long version (for anyone with a similar problem who might need to write to their own tech support):

    What I wrote to them.

    The control panel says I’m under PHP version 5.2.17. However, use of the WordPress plugin Health Check on my blog tells me that my server is running PHP 4.4.9. I’ve had to deactivate to use one of my standard essential plugins because it requires at least PHP 5.2 versions, and WordPress 3.2 when it comes out will require PHP version 5.2.4.

    What they wrote back:

    Your account should be showing as 5.2.17. I set the Addhandler to use php5 just to be sure. You can verify it by going to [URL for my blog].

    Based on this, seems the Addhandler, whatever that is, must’ve been been the issue. Healthcheck now returns healthy results; but even more imporantly, YARPP is working fine now.

    I reckon now would be a good time to break out my Paypal and give you some $upport. Thanks Mitcho!

    Plugin Author mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)


    No problem yksin! You can also meander down to if you feel so inclined. 🙂

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