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  • Even though the templates are in the themes directory I am still getting this message:

    No YARPP template files were found in your theme (E:\wwwroot\news/wp-content/themes/[themename]) so the templating feature has been turned off.

    Does it have something to do with the slashes bookending news?

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  • Templates are not showing up in my settings page either. I’ve tried to rename both the templates folder to templates, themes and yarpp-templates, which was the original name of the folder, but none of them work. :s

    @djlaszlo – the template files *themselves* should go in your theme… so it should be like


    I hope that helps.

    @nickgassman – does that help you as well?

    Yes, I guess I assumed that we needed the entire folder in the themes directory. Not sure where I got that idea.

    Thanks Mitch.

    I put the templates files in my theme directory but… templates are not showing up in my settings page.
    I use the templates files examples. Name form : yarpp-template-*.php.

    Why it doesn’t work ?

    @nickgassman – please see my response above… by chance did you copy the entire folder into your theme? You want to copy just the files.

    I did that : copy the entire folder in my theme, just the files.
    But the templates don’t show up in the drop-down list (in the yarpp settings page).
    There is something I forgot to do ?

    @maitronaute you want to copy the *files* into your theme, not the entire templates folder.

    So if your theme is called mytheme, you want the file structure to look like:


    Hope that helps. that’s the problem. I miss read that too.

    It does actuually specifically say to put the contents INSIDE the template folder into your themes folder, not the folder itself:

    1. Copy the folder yet-another-related-posts-plugin into the directory wp-content/plugins/ and (optionally) the sample templates inside yarpp-templates folder into your active theme.

    @dave333 hmm… I’m glad if you could figure it out, though.

    @mitchoyoshitaka Yes thanks. No fault of yours, I just didn’t read it properly…like the others who are complaining it doesn’t work.

    Oh, there is one thing though.
    For some reason I get a bunch of numbers at the end of each title of the 5 related posts. Here is an example:

    1. Name of post (12.534) First line from the post….
    2. Name of post (21.808) First line from the post….

    What do the numbers mean?

    @dave333 those are the “match scores” between the active post and those related posts… they should not be visible to visitors, though, so if you log out from wp-admin and revisit that page, it should be gone.

    Thanks mitchoyoshitaka,

    But how do I interpret what these mean?

    I’ve read all through the README file for an explanation, in one section it states:

    1. **An advanced and versatile algorithm**: Using a customizable algorithm considering post titles, content, tags, and categories, YARPP calculates a “match score” for each pair of posts on your blog. You choose the threshold limit for relevance and you get more related posts if there are more related posts and less if there are less

    I’ve also looked in the settings page but am still not sure how I can make use of this information. Can you please explain what these two numbers mean given the example I posted in the previous post?

    12 what is being matched to 534 what?

    and 21 what is being matched to 808 what?

    What is the definition of an “active” post? Aren’t they all active? Are you saying that there are 808 older posts related to 21 active posts? All this is meaningless to me. Shouldn’t it just be matching older posts with the single current post that these appear on?

    Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, it’s just that I don’t understand what these figures are referring to. Do you have a more indepth explanation that you can refer me to?

    Just some additional information in case it helps, my match threshhold is currently set on 5 and title, bodies, tags, and categories are all set on “consider”.


    @dave333 – as the explanation says, I compute a “match score” of “relatedness” for every pair of posts you have. So the score between your current post and post 1 is 12.534 (that’s a decimal) and the other pair is 21.808. Related posts with a match score greater than the current “match threshold” is what is displayed.

    @mitchoyoshitaka, thanks for your help. I, too, uploaded the entire template FOLDER into the theme, instead of each of the files themselves. I guess this might be made a little more clear in the installation of the plugin.

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