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  • Right, nvm, I found it. Had to select the screen options first. Didn’t expect that. 🙂

    Glad you found it. 🙂 It’s a little unexpected for many users, but helps keep the default options screen clean and not too overwhelming.

    Hmm… maybe. I, on the other hand, found it very confusing that I could find a score, but couldn’t set a threshold for the score. Anyway, glad it is there 🙂

    In addition to the subject of relevance: I would find it very handy to determine the importance of things like title, body, etc from the settings of the plugin, instead of having to mess with the code myself. Could it be an extra feature some time in the future, perhaps?

    Right now I see related posts which really are not related to each other. If you look here for example, you’ll see that one of the related posts is “Guardian of Nature Summon 1” with a score of 8.1. I have no idea where the score comes from.

    Here are more details about the two posts:
    Prize dragons 2012: Adults & Name
    Category: New releases
    Tags: Christmas 2012, Mysfytt, Prize Dragon, Shimmer-Scale, Spriter’s Alt
    Content: Nothing about the guardian dragon, nothing about a summoning or anything.
    Guardian of Nature Summon 1
    Category: Guardian of Nature Summoning results
    Tags: Dragon Cave, GoN, Guardian of Nature, Ice, Legendary Trio, Magma, Summoning, Thunder
    Content: Nothing about prize dragons, spriter’s alt, new releases or whatever. There’s seem to be no relating content, at least not for me. Yet, they are linked as related posts.

    It’s rather confusing to see the two posts related. And even more strange. The Guardian of Nature Summoning post has a higher score on relevance than the post “Winners got their prizes: New Prize Dragons released!” This post got a score of 7.5.
    Details from this post:
    Category: New releases
    Tags: Christmas 2012, Prize Dragon
    Content: This tells everything about the newly released dragon which was known at that moment.

    I would have expected the post about the new prize dragons being released to at least have a higher score than the one about the guardian summoning, especially since it’s:
    a) the same category, while the guardian summoning is in a different category.
    b) 2 of the tags are the same as the one about the adult names, while the summoning post has none of the tags.
    c) the content speaks about the prize dragons, while the guardian summoning posts says nothing about this.

    I don’t understand why the “Guardian of Nature summoning 1 post” is related at all.
    Problem is, when I set the score threshold at 8.2 or higher, a few of the posts which are actually relevant, won’t show up.

    It’s…. confusing.

    It is indeed confusing. Perhaps you would enjoy some of my presentations on this subject. Here’s a short talk:

    …and here are some more recent slides that are more in depth:

    Yes! Thanks for the tips. Once I knew what I had to look for (the relatedness options….) I knew what I had to chance. It works like a charm now!



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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