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    I try to implement YARPP functions to pages. For Testing I used the same tags fort the test page and for posts. The match threshold is set to 1.
    1) If I’m using related_posts() there is no related post!
    2) If I’m using related_pages() or related_entries() only pages are displayed
    Some idée ???

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  • More Info:

    It’s weird 🙂

    1) The page has 2 relevant posts. I can make these entries more or less relevant by adding or removing categories and tags. adding content or changing the headline doesn’t have any influence on the weight of these posts (in the “service” page – in posts everything has an influence as expected).
    2) Those entries are the 2 oldest posts.
    3) I can’t make any newer post relevant no matter how hard I try.

    It’s the same for the “Kontakt” Page. It seems to be a general page problem


    Solved the mystery 🙂

    1) Yarpp only shows posts & pages that are older than the page if it’s used on pages – no matter if the “only show older posts” checkbox is set or not (which I hadn’t set).

    2) Yarpp on pages seems to calculate extremly different than on posts. It seems to calculate only headline, categories and tags, but not content if used on pages.

    Greetings Peter

    One more question:

    What is the purpose of the “show post and pages together” (I use the german version) option?

    It seems that this option was created to make posts show all entries instead of posts only.

    Wouldn’t it be a way cleaner solution simply auto-inlude related_entries instead of related_posts if this option is used instead of giving related_entries, related_posts and related_pages the same results?

    Greetings Peter

    I tested the 3.2.2b1 but on the pages are no different!

    @virtuallaw Thanks for your great feedback! I’m a little confused, though. I just reviewed the code and there’s no way that the results are being limited using the “only show older posts” if that option is not on. Whether it’s calculating posts or pages here doesn’t matter.

    The “cross_relate” option is meant to make related_entries, related_posts, and related_pages give the same results. Now that this is fixed in 3.2.2b1, I will go ahead and release this as 3.2.2.

    As for why the results aren’t showing up as well on pages, I’m not sure that I have an answer for that. I hope to keep looking into this issue in the future. Thanks again for your feedback!

    You are welcome 🙂 Thanks for the great plugin!

    If “only show older posts” is activated, posts show only posts that are older than the current post. If its deactivated posts shows all posts. OK.

    But Pages seem to show only posts that are older than the page, no matter if “only show older posts” is set or not.
    If a page exists and one posts a 100% copy of the page as a post, it won’t show up as a related post on the page. If a change the publish date of the post so that the post publish date is before the page publish date the post shows up.

    Greetings Peter

    With Version 3.2.2 and deactivated option “only show older posts”
    all three versions of related_xyz are working correct on my pages.
    Thank you for your help and the excellent plugin
    elotse (

    @virtuallaw hmm. Well, as I said, I looked through the code and the use of the “only show older posts” option is completely identical between posts and pages. I’m not sure why this effect is occurring. 🙁

    @elotse glad things are looking better for you! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

    Somehow the “show only older posts” problem vanished… no idea why…

    So the only problem that still exists is that it seems that the content of posts / pages isn’t calculated if YARPP is used on pages.

    I deactivated all other plugins – no results. The content calculation problem stays.

    I too want to add this function to Pages. My posts are working wonderfully but the pages do not.

    What code do I need to insert and where does it go? Sorry, I am not a good coder. I am using the Atahualpa theme –

    My site is

    @faithmechanic the main issue here has been resolved by the most recent version of YARPP. There may be a remaining issue, but I have not been able to reproduce it and am not currently pursuing it.

    What is different <?php related_posts() ?> AND <?php related_entries() ?> ?

    It’s look the same.
    For your information, i paste that code on my single.php

    By the way, i use plugin Custome Post Type UI plugin to make the Custome Post. Can i show the Related on page, post, Custome Post Typ on YARPP ? I’m newbies, little knowledge about php or something about that.

    @taufanxxx related_entries will give you related posts and pages. related_posts is just posts, and related_pages is just pages.

    YARPP does not yet have support for custom post types.

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