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  • huyz


    Any chance of getting qTranslate support?

    I guess support could be implemented in stages (any level of support would be appreciated):

    1. Translation of the admin UI — This is not that important to me, but it’s probably the easiest thing to do since there’s a standard way to translate WordPress and plugins
    2. There’s a strange bug, where if I just translate one title into another language, then the Related posts disappear completely. But if I change a setting in the admin, then the related posts come back. Maybe a cache needs clearing?
    3. Allow for different “before”/”after” texts in different languages — This is probably the most noticeable problem.
    4. Change the algorithms so that it compares content in the main language, ignoring the other languages in the text — This is probably important, depending on how the algorithm works currently (maybe it works fine the way it is; it’s probably easy to implement.
    5. Optionally, the algorithm could:
      • Just find related posts in the main language, but the links to the related posts would stay localized, e.g. would have “?lang=fr” at the end — This is the current default behavior
      • Just find related posts in the main language, but the links would be smart enough to link to the main language if the target language does not have a translation for that post, e.g. on a French page, most links would be to “?lang=fr” but some links would go to the default language (“” or “?lang=en” depending on qTranslate options) because there is no French version of those links.
      • The blogger could select to have the algorithms run independently of each other for each language — This is probably the hardest and probably not that important since applying the algorithm in one language will get most of the relations.

    Again, any level of support would be appreciated, not just all of it.

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  • huyz


    Maybe #3 can be done with YARPP templates? If so, any pointers would be great.

    And for #2, if it is some sort of cache problem, is there a way to clear the cache without having to change a setting?

    Plugin Author mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)


    For question (1): YARPP is already translatable and ships with a variety of localizations.

    As for the other questions, there has been some integration with WPML, with their help, but not with qTranslate. As I have no experience with qTranslate, unless one of the qTranslate developers wants to contribute a patch to YARPP, I don’t see this happening. I just don’t know what would be required.

    Here’s info on YARPP templates:

    Finally, for clearing the cache, you can add ?action=flush to the end of the YARPP options screen URL and that’ll clear the cache. Check the code for how to do this programmatically, but I would encourage you to *not* do this often. It defeats the purpose of the cache!

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