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  • Sorry to hear the custom post type support isn’t working for you. 🙁

    When you say you get nothing, do you mean you get “no related posts” or get no display? Do you get any posts or pages as related?

    It’s quite possible that you need to lower your “match threshold”, and that the algorithm is being too strict. Go to YARPP settings > Relatedness and lower the match threshold, update, and see if that helps. If you don’t see the Relatedness section, you can turn it on in the “screen options” tab.

    No. I guess the plugin should also work when I’m on the post_type write new post, right?

    Nothing there. Is like is not registering the post type =(
    And it’s getting no result of matches 🙁

    Sorry I’m a little confused. There seem to be a few issues here… let me confirm:

    1. you’re not seeing the “Related Posts” preview in the post edit screen for custom post types? Have you checked in the “screen options” tab?
    2. Are you getting “no related posts” on the related posts display for these product pages?

    Yes! (to all)
    It’s like it’s not seeing my custom post type.

    (Actually is the MarketPress plugin that uses the Custom Post Type…)

    Maybe you can try this by installing the plugin!

    Here you can see what I’m saying
    And here

    It’s like Yarpp it’s not considering the post_type “product”

    As far as I get, I gotta declare the yarpp_related somewhere… dunno where.

    As for the first issue (the Related Posts preview not showing up) I’ll look into this.

    The list of post types YARPP is recognizing is in “The Pool” options. If you don’t see that, you can display it from the YARPP settings page. Products should show up there if you set 'yarpp_support' => true

    Keep in mind that yarpp_related overrides any such settings, though, so if you specify products in options to yarpp_related, it should work… what if you choose to display only related products?

    ‘post_type’ => array(‘product’)

    What do you get then?

    The `yarpp_related(array(
    ‘post_type’ => array(‘product’)
    I put in the theme (in this case, sidebar?)

    Sorry, I feel kinda lost with the documentation =(

    This code must be in The Loop:

    To test it first, I suggest you put it in your theme right below the_content().

    I have the same problem with the plugin does not display related posts, use this code

                    $post_id = get_the_ID();
                        'post_type' => array('product'),
                        'weight' => array(
                            'tax' => array(
                                'product_category' => 2,
                                'post_tag' => 1 // put any taxonomies you want to consider here with their weights
                        'require_tax' => array(
                            'product_category' => 2,
                            'post_tag' => 1 // for example, this requires all results to have at least one 'post_tag' in common.
                        'threshold' => 1,
                        // Display options:
                        //'template' => 'thumbnail', // either the name of a file in your active theme or the boolean false to use the builtin template
                        'limit' => 5, // maximum number of results
                        'order' => 'score DESC'
                            ), $post_id, true);

    No related posts 🙁

    @uradvd nothing in your query seems wrong to me… are you sure there are enough related products for your post? What if you remove the “require_tax” section?

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