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  • Cannot work this out on my end, any updates?

    Ok now I have any posts created after the update will show related, anything before do not. Hope that helps

    Hi all. Thanks for the feedback.

    For those of you who are comfortable running MySQL queries, could you please try running this query? It’s just a select so it will not modify anything:

    select reference_ID from wp_yarpp_related_cache group by reference_ID having substr(group_concat(distinct ID order by ID),1,1) = ‘0’ and count(distinct ID) != 1

    I have a new idea about where these “no related posts” are coming from. If my hypothesis is correct, this query will return some rows for you (precisely the IDs for the posts which have this issue, actually). If that *does* return rows for you, then please try the latest beta which should fix your issue:

    If this query doesn’t return any rows, please let me know too…

    I got word that this new beta does indeed fix “no related posts” for certain users. Please test it and see if it helps you:

    No updates? I’m hoping to push out this latest beta as 3.5.3. I would appreciate it if some of you with this “no related posts” issue could test it. Thanks! 🙂

    Hi – I will try this today and let you know. This is a day job for me, so I don’t have access on the weekend 😉

    Not working on my end (any posts created after the last major update show related, anything before do not)

    Have just installed the new beta, no change for me. My cache had gotten up to about 97%, but was still showing as 0 related. I flushed the cache again, and tried to rebuild, but got the same error as before as soon as it started – “There was an error while constructing the related posts for”

    In addition, I just ran the query, and it returned 0 rows.

    Thanks guys for the updates. Sorry to hear this wasn’t a magical fix for you guys…

    @callum, I suggest you flush the cache in that case… sounds like previous incorrect computation of “no related posts” has been cached.

    @zenkaty: if you’re recomputing using the Experiments tool and it’s still giving you zero, my guess is that for some reason it actually thinks there’s nothing related. Have you tried lowering your match threshold?

    How do I do that?

    Hey mitcho, thanks for the updates throughout this.

    No idea how to flush the cache, saw in one of your earlier posts to put &action=flush after the url in the YARPP options (wp-admin/options-general.php?page=yarpp&action=flush)

    Have tried this and still no luck, if there is another way of flushing let me know

    Callum: download YARRP Experiments, it adds extra functions to the YARRP settings page

    Installed, flushed the cache (went to 0%), hit ‘rebuild’ and am now getting

    There was an error while constructing the related posts for [postname]

    Over and over again but it seems to be building on its own. (at 2% as I finished writing this post)

    Will update if it works after this.

    @zenkaty: if you don’t see the “relatedness” options in YARPP settings, go to “screen options” in the top right to display the “Relatedness” options. There you will see the match threshold. Lower it (default is 5) maybe to 2ish? And save and then see how the results look.

    FYI, changing any of these Relatedness settings and saving will reset the cache.

    My threshold was set at 5 – but all the dropdowns were set at ‘do not consider’ – could this have been causing my problem? If nothing is being considered, then surely I would have no related posts? As I have never even seen this area of the settings before, I can’t say I have changed them, so not sure why it was set like that…

    UPDATE: My cache is now slowly rebuilding, and is finding related posts. Phew! Though bit of a worry that this seemed to change “by itself”

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