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  • Joris


    I am using the YARPP plugin for about a month and updated the build in cache every week. I was surprised that the plugin could handle 3000 posts and 2000 visitors a day, without memory problems.

    Since I updated to wp 2.9 and YARPP 3.1.2 somehow the option to update the cache is disappeared in the settings menu. Also the the memory usage is much higher. Does anybody know where the cache update button is?

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  • The manual cache controls were remove with 3.1 as many users found them confusing and they had often caused their own options. YARPP 3.1.x also does the cachin but in the background, in the same way as the previous versions’ “on the fly” mode. The algorithm itself is identical.

    If you would like, the longer-term caching performance will also be further improved in 3.1.3, of which a beta is available.



    Thanks Mitch, just upgraded to 3.1.3.


    Hey Mitch,

    Amazing plugin, but it’d be great if we could control the cache manually again, maybe as an advanced option?

    Also, I’m curious about how the relatedness is computed, because it seems as if posts with the least information (title only, no body text, no tags, no categories, etc) have the highest ranking across the board. I’m basing this on my blog where I had a post with only a title that was the top ranked “related” post on nearly every other of my posts.

    Which is why the manual cache update would be great – I added tags, and category data to that post so that there was more to go on when it computed its relatedness, but the cache still hasn’t been updated. I even tried changing some YARPP settings, saving, then refreshing, but the calculation seemed to be the same.

    Again, all this aside, great plugin!

    @pardisparker – the manual cache settings are gone because it will always clear the cache when you update the relatedness settings or clear individual entries’ caches if you update those posts. It’s gone because there’s no way anyone should need them anymore. 🙂

    If you have a post that shows up that you don’t want, adding more information to that post won’t change anything, which is probably why your results didn’t change. The calculation isn’t a relative “matched x/10 tags” but rather uses the fact that it matched “x tags” at all. The solutions are to either use a tag or category to disallow that post (using the pool options) or to raise the match threshold and then try to get other posts to match more.

    Hmm. Is the actual formula used posted anywhere?

    Also, how long does the cache take to rebuild? Just roughly, I guess, since it probably depends on the size of the site, no?

    @pardisparker – the code is all open-source, so you’re welcome to check out the formula! 🙂

    Rebuilding the cache isn’t a one-time process, it’s done organically over time. When a reader visits “Post A”, and you don’t have the related posts for “Post A” calculated, it’ll calculate it at that time and cache it.

    It is a good work and good plugin.
    But I don’t want rebuild cache every time vistor load new post!
    What about blog with 10000 posts?
    I want rebuild cache with my shedule. Only.
    I want full control of this process.
    What becouse I still use previous version of plugin with button. 🙁

    Gioni – the new version *does not* rebuild the cache every time a visitor loads a new post… that would defeat the purpose of the cache! 🙂 The new version is much better about clearing the cache only when necessary. That’s why I removed the manual options. I encourage you to try it out.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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