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  1. svnnoob
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I really love the plugin + it works really well when you have under <1000 posts.... The problem is that if there are more than 5000 and it pushes the load time up to 5 - 15 seconds.... Is there anyway you can cache the result or have a process now button to do all run though all the posts in one go?

    Keep up the good work though :)

  2. Hi @svnnoob,

    Thanks for taking a look at YARPP and thanks for the great question. ^^ Two responses: (1) Yes YARPP's results are cached by the big caching systems (which you should use anyway!) like WP-Cache or SuperCache. Using one of those will definitely help your performance. (2) That being said, the algorithm itself definitely has some room for optimization (as you can prove!) and I'm currently working on a new version which will rewrite the main query to be better optimized (no more joining of temporary tables, in case you're a mysql buff). Keep an eye out for it. ^^


  3. Hi @svnnoob — I have a new version of the algorithm which should be faster and less memory-intensive. I would greatly appreciate it if you could beta it. Please email me and I will send you the beta.


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