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  1. brian@longest.com
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I installed on my site and I also use the reddZ-Et plugin that displays a vote button for Reddit. I now see 4 "submit to reddit" buttons on each post instead of 5. I updated to the most recent version of Reddit. See example here on this page (i just deactivated for now so that link will not show it)

    Love your plugin, thanks for any help getting these to work together.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the bug report. I previously added reddZ-Et's functions to a "blacklist" (one of the YARPP 2.0 features) so that reddZ-Et would only be run once... perhaps the lattest version of the plugin uses a different function name, in which case this bug would occur. I can look into it for the next release.

    Finally, did you just install YARPP for the first time or did you upgrade? I just want to make sure it's not some bug that got introduced by changes in YARPP...

    Thanks again,


  3. Whoops! That was a lie... I previously had only added diggZ-Et to my blacklist... the next version of YARPP will be compatible with reddZ-Et and the similar dzoneZ-Et plugins. Look forward to it.

    If you'd like a development version with the fix immediately, drop me a line.

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