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  • The plugin is working fine for related posts but i want to show only related pages How it can be possible.


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  • You can either choose to “cross-relate posts and pages” in the YARPP settings, or you can add the related_pages() code to your theme in the Loop.



    Never worked for me πŸ™

    Although this plugin is excellent for posts, it doesn’t work for pages. Would be nice to work on that as more and more people use WP as a CMS with lots of static pages.


    @jamesbb, I’ve tested this and it’s worked for me, so I’m surprised.

    Are you choosing to cross-relate or calling related_pages()? When you say it doesn’t work, does it not display anything at all, or does it say “no related posts”?

    I’m having the same problem. I have cross-relate turned on.

    There is no related posts/pages section in the pages admin screen and no pages show up on the related posts list for posts. I have set the threshold to 0.1

    Do I need to have a tag or category for pages plugin to make it work?

    Hi allβ€” I believe I figured out what the issue was here. It will be fixed in version 3.1.8, which I am releasing now.

    The fix helped a bit, but there is still an issue.

    Take a look at this page.

    I have both the automatically included related listing and the widget listing on the post. The automatic listing includes pages, but the Widget listing does not.

    @nolesrule Ah, yes, I forgot to update the widget code part. I believe I fixed it in the development version:

    Could you try it out and see if it fixes your issue? Thanks!

    That worked!


    mitchoyoshitaka, great plugin! I have 2 comments- I’m wanting to use this plugin to show related posts that are a custom post type, which from another forum post looks like its not possible. If it is, could you post a template example? Also, I have a LOT of categories and tags, so it would be great to have a ‘select all’ button below the disallow option boxes so that selectively ‘enabling’ certain categories would be easier. Thanks again!!

    adumbundy, I don’t think it’s possible now, but I’ve made a ticket for myself so that I make sure to get around to it. Here it is:

    The disallow tags section has a lot of problems, actually, and really has to be rethought… I’ll keep that in mind in the future too.

    Is there a way to exclude certain pages in the related_pages() I tried:
    <?php related_pages('exclude=page-ID25,page-id=30')?> to no avail.. It would be nice if you could exclude certain pages – like the home page from appearing in the Related pages section..

    Also, a nice feature to add would be a per post manual add selection of posts that the author would like to be related. The automation algorithm is awesome but, sometimes an author may want to pick and choose.

    Thanks! Nice work!

    You can exclude pages not using some code like that but by putting them in a particular category or giving them a particular tag and excluding that category or tag in YARPP optiosn.

    Hi mitcho!

    Firstly, I would like to say this is a great plugin!

    On the other hand, without coding or using plugins we can’t exclude pages from the related loop, because we can’t give categories or tags to pages.

    But I found a solution. After, I installed a plugin which let me put pages in categories, I could exclude pages. The plugin was that:

    I hope, could help to you or anyone else. πŸ™‚ And thanks for the plugin!


    Huh, cool find @barna. Thanks.

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