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    I get nice results for related posts but pages suck… I get nearly no results for related pages…

    I also want to “Show only posts from the past 6 month” but also ALL pages…….. 🙁

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  • If I drop relevance down to 2 I get some posts showing up on pages in related pages/posts…

    but they are not related at all… :/

    please improve “related pages”…. maybe by adding a tags function to pages…. I don’t know…

    @marcc1 tags can be considered for pages as well, as long as you have marked “consider” for “tags” in the Relatedness section of the YARPP options.

    Adding more tags like that to pages will give YARPP more information on what is related.

    Hi mitcho I have 130 pages and 100 articles.
    Even if I set threshold to 1 I get nearly no results for my pages and the results for articles are bad (with a score of 15)!
    Even if the pages are about the same issue and have the same words in title there are no results and if he finds sth. related, it is an articles and no related page!

    I set Topic & Post content to hight and category and tags to lowest.

    I’m having a similar issue, and here’s how I tested it.

    I created a post, and then created a new page and pasted the exact same title and all the body text into it.

    I checked “Cross-relate posts and pages?” in the settings.

    I activated the widget for page bottom and single bottom (in Thematic).

    The result: the post showed the identical page and 10 others in the Related widget.

    But, the identical page had no Related entries at all.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    A follow-up.

    I added the template tag <?php related_entries() ?> to the PHP page widget and the related entries appeared!

    So, for me, the widget isn’t working on pages, but the template tag does.

    related_entries() does not work for me on Pages.
    I’ve lowered the score threshold to 1 and still nothing on pages. The page I am testing has a title that is repeated in many other posts and pages. So I don’t understand why it does not work.

    I have also tried using the template code, copied and pasted directly. Still does not work.

    How do you get this to work in Pages?

    d’oh! I figured it out.

    Pages have tags.
    I had in the YARPP options, Tags = require at least one tag in common.

    So therefore, no matches.

    Now I have set Tags = consider

    I have results on Pages.

    Mitcho, please consider adding this tip to your documentation for idiots like me, and save us from ourselves. 8)

    Thank you, JCollier — I added this <?php related_entries() ?>
    and now I get results on on my pages!

    Glad this got resolved. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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