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  • Great! I’ll include it with YARPP 3.2.1!

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    Good. Be aware that I transformed the list from the link I gave without checking if every words are pertinent… I hope it is (and as I can see on my own blog, that’s better than using the english list on french texts anyway) but that sure could be better.

    What about the problem with wp-Typography?

    The list looks pretty good.

    Not sure about the wp-typography issue. Did you figure this out by manually looking at the keywords produced?

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    Yeah, looked directly in database via phpMyAdmin. Keywords selection totally changed after deactivating wp-Typography.

    That’s strange, wp-Typography aplly its modifications to the page just before it’s sent to the client, so it shouldn’t affect the data that YARPP gather from database.

    YARPP doesn’t get the text straight from the db, but instead from the db content with some of the content filters applied to it. Maybe WP-Typography’s filters mess with that.

    Can you send me a link to the WP-Typography you’re using so I can check it out?

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    Here is wp-Typography on WordPress plugin directory. I use the latest version (2.0.4).

    Here’s an example of keywords selected by YARPP for one of my posts without wp-Typography :
    “cest quon the souvenirs jai clip version audio pages blowing justine1991 orphelin 2011 pourra seront lecteur choses survirais mêmes gouffre “

    And with wp-Typography enabled :
    “qu ver per sonne the ai ve pages aurais der sion lec audio clip rais nirs ter jus rable orphelin “

    As you can see, YARPP selects half-words as keyboard, probably because of the hyphenation feature of wp-Typography (I use it with default settings except for the hyphenation rules language wich is set to french).

    wp-Typography remove all default wptexturize filters and add its own.

    EDIT : I confirm that hyphenation causes that. I’m not a WordPress developper but if you have a simple way to bypass text filters and just get the content as it’s in database, that would solve the problem.

    I just updated the dev version to add wp-typography on this black list that I maintain. Give this new version a try. You may have to clear your keywords cache table to see any effect.

    Let me know how that goes.

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    Nothing changed with that version. Keywords are always weird with wp-Typography hyphenation function turned on.

    Okay. 🙁 Because it applies consistently to your content across pages, though, I suspect it doesn’t affect the actual reliability of your results that much… as such, I’m going to not worry about this right now. Thanks!

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    That’s fine. Maybe I’ll get a look into the code myself, but I always get lost in WordPress-related code (though I’m actually not a beginner in PHP coding).

    Thanks for your help anyway!

    No problem. Thanks!

    Hi Mitcho, I have to confirm exactly the same issue with WP-Typography described by saymonz. Whole thing is, that your plugin takes post content after aplying filters (which would not be a problem in general). But WP-Typography injects into words soft-hyphens where those can be divided at the end of the line. And unfortunatelly YARPP understands soft-hyphen as space. This it cuts every word virtually to several sylables. The only (brute-force-hack) solution was to disable filtering in your plugin (testing for blacklisted filters always returns false). When I check the database now, keyword cache is perfectly readable, this here is the issue. I’m not that good coder in order to detect the name of filter applied by WP-Typography, allowing you to be blacklisted. I can send you the part of code where WP-Typography “something” hooks at the_content hook, but I don’t understand that code at all.
    This is for me clear collision between two plugins. Maybe instead of blacklisting WP-Typography would be enough to YARPP understand soft hyphen as nothing, thus stripping those soft-hyphens out of the post content, as you do with other markup things.

    Stripping soft hyphens here indeed seems like it could be a good solution… let me try that out now…

    @berniecz, I added stripping of soft hyphens (or tried to) in the dev version. Could you try it out and let me know how it goes?

    You’ll want to manually clear your cache and keyword tables after installing this version.

    Hohoo! It seems now it works like a charm. Just two lines of code and what a difference! Great job, mitcho. It would be pity if the best related posts plugin and best typographic plugin would not work together.

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