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  • I have 2 blogs, one 2.5.1, and one 2.2, and installed this in both of them. At first the categories on 2.2. looked strange in the column, but then they looked ok. I recently noticed that although the plugin has been great at showing related pages, the categories appear, but get a big error message from mysql when you click them! Here:

    Even worse, I’ve disabled YARPP, but and I still can’t get the categories to work.

    Same with my 2.5.1 blog. Except this blog also has tags, and now they are totally gone, although I can see them in my admin pages under manage, NONE show up next to each post. There are no categories in manage, or on the blog itself in the column. I deactivated the plugin, and still nothing is fixed.

    I’ve never had a plugin make such a mess of my whole blog. What can I do now to fix everything and get my categories and tags back?

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  • @drawer – I’m very sorry to hear you had such an experience with YARPP. However, looking at your blog right now I can see the categories listed on the right hand column… did you resolve the issue?

    Also note that the minimum requirements for YARPP stipulate that you must be using WP 2.3 or greater. If you ran YARPP on a 2.2 WP blog, it’s quite possible that you would get a MySQL error message.

    I frankly don’t think it’s possible for YARPP to actually edit any of your tags or categories… there is no code in YARPP that edits the wp_terms database table where the categories and tags live. If you indeed did lose this information, it is possible that it is due to some other plugin acting in conjunction with YARPP… if that is the case, I would like to know what other plugins you might be running.

    Thank you VERY much for replying so quickly, mitchoyoshitaka.

    I couldn’t get anything to show up. But after I shut down for the night, and opened everything in the morning, the tags and categories were fine. Also, I forgot to add that the BLOGROLL was missing, too!

    I went into my server and saw that in both blogs, this YARPP was at 644, so I changed the permissions to 755 for all the files.

    I understand that it’s made for 2.3 or higher. However, I wanted to try it in my older blog, and it got many more relevant links there.

    Actually, the blogroll and tags in the 2.5.1 blog disappeared AFTER I deactivated YARPP. So even though you say it’s not connected, I think my db thinks they are!

    I would like to try it again in both blogs, now that I’ve changed permissions, but I’m a little nervous. I’ll let you know if it disables categories again this time, in which case I’ll have to delete it.

    Okay, this is what I get in my 2.2 blog, on my admin page:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ name from natural join where .taxonomy = ‘category” at line 1]
    select .term_id, name from natural join where .taxonomy = ‘category’

    So far, is working in blog itself. We’ll see.

    @drawer – I’m glad to know the content wasn’t deleted for good–that’s very scary!

    As for the error you’re getting on your 2.2 blog, if you disable the “consider tags” and “consider categories” options in the YARPP options page it *may* work… sorry I don’t remember, but I haven’t tested YARPP on WP 2.2 in a very long time.

    I hope that works for you. Best of luck.

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